The 10 Most Beautiful Skywalks In The World #MacroTraveller

Some love the beautiful view others overcome their fear of heights, what do you think of these spectacular skywalks?
Sightseeing visits are part of every holiday. Large old buildings can quickly become dull, but the sights that I show you today can already reveal that you will not get bored. These are not your standard observation platforms, but rather action full experiences where you should not suffer from fear of heights. If you’re looking for some adrenaline on vacation, then look no further!

Grand Canyon SkywalkI think that most of you have heard of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, have not you? If not, you can read this article at the right time and at the perfect time! In Arizona, one of the most beautiful viewing platforms is waiting for you! At the Grand Canyon, in the Hualapai reserve, you will find the horseshoe-shaped skywalk towers that are 221 above the rocks of the Grand Canyon. The brave visitors, and there are about 3000 each day, walk across a glass floor at such a dizzy height. About 1200 meters is between you and the abyss of the Canyon. Who knows, maybe you are here once; would you dare to look over the edge?

Chicago’s observation deck ‘The Ledge.’The observation deck of Willis Tower in Chicago will give you that adrenalin kick, but also goosebumps are something I think. The tallest building in the city, previously known as the Sears Towers, has a breathtaking view over the city of Chicago. “The Ledge” is a real highlight here; a viewing box with a glass floor at almost 412 meters height and is located on the floor no 103!
Imagine: you are here, and you are nothing more than emptiness! You look at the gigantic skyscrapers and the busy streets of the city. Maybe you are a bit scared, but do not fear because you will be rewarded with a magnificent view.

Dachstein’s ‘5 Fingers’ in AustriaNot far from us you will find a platform in the shape of a hand, The Krippenstein plateau in Dachstein. The observation deck is on the last floor of the 2108 meter high tower. Visitors can enjoy a unique view of the mountains and Lake Hallstatt. Did you know that every “finger” has a special characteristic? They are all 4 meters long except for the middle finger. On the first bridge, there is a golden photo frame where you can pose for a great photo. The second platform is entirely made of glass. The middle finger has a springboard (no, you cannot touch this finger or walk over it at all) – it symbolizes the freedom of the mountains. The fourth finger has a “hole” where visitors have a breathtaking view of the abyss to get. And last but not least the last finger; This finger has many binoculars, so you have an even better view of nature. This observation deck is lovely.

Auckland Sky Tower in New ZealandThis tower is probably not about the weak hearts between us. On the contrary: pure adrenaline is needed for the Auckland Sky Tower in New Zealand! The TV and observation tower is 328 meters high and is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. In addition to the two standard observation platforms, which are 22 meters top, you can walk the bravest even around the tower at this altitude. A bit about the railing, it is possible! But do not worry because you are of course stuck on a rope so nothing can happen. If this “open platform” is not enough adrenaline kick for you, you can do a Skyjump. Jump 192 meters vertically down the platform. Approximately 85 km/h allow you to fly for about 11 seconds until an automatic cable stops.

Edge walk in TorontoWhere can you find a better view than in Toronto on the CN Tower? The television tower is the highest point in the city and is almost 553 meters tall! It was probably not enough to just place an observation deck here because for the absolute adrenalin junkies you can do an ‘Edge Walk’ here. You can walk next to the platform in the open air. Crazy, huh? But you are stuck to death from a rope so that nothing can happen. If your partner is just as extreme as you, you can even get married, high in the open air, while standing on the Edge Walk.

The Skywalk in MacaoWe continue our list of the spectacular Sky Walks and arrive at The Macau Tower which has a reasonably similar Edge Walk as in Toronto. You can get a breath of fresh air at an altitude of 233 meters. You can even climb 100 meters up a vertical ladder on top of the building. Or wait a minute you can do the highest bungee jump in the world here (!) … if you dare of course. No adrenaline kick activities no shortage!

Singapore Supertrees & SkywalkThe so-called ‘Supertree Grove’ in Singapore is a spectacular sight! The twelve futuristic trees that light up in the dark at night with neon lamps are sure to stand out among all buildings. The 128-meter long walk through the trees is only 22 meters from the ground. This is, of course, more dizzying than the other skywalks. The views over Marina Bay and the surrounding gardens are really first class sublime!

Skypoint Climb in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia
At the Skypoint Climb in Surfer’s Paradise, you have to earn the beautiful views of the beach and the city. You start on the 77th floor of the 322-meter high Q1 skyscraper, after which you have to climb 30 meters to reach the observation deck. But the effort is worth it because you will be rewarded with a beautiful view. And of course, the climb of itself is also impressive.

The longest skywalk in the world in Hunan!China broke its record last year when they built the world’s longest skywalk at Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan. The bridge is 300 meters long and connects two mountains with each other. But do not look down because 180 meters of emptiness combines visibility between you and the ground beneath you. And the highlight here is undoubtedly the glass floor! To walk over the glass floor, you have to have a little courage. And sometimes just looking at photos makes you feel a bit weak in the legs. And if that is not enough, you can also bungee jump from this bridge!

So, what do you think? Can I convince you to try out such a spectacular Skywalk once? Or maybe you have already tried one? Let me know!



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