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There are a total of 193 countries on earth: independent states that are also internationally recognized by the United Nations. Although it must be said that this number is not entirely certain: sometimes ‘countries’ such as Palestine and the Vatican City are counted, and you get higher. You’ve heard about most of the countries, but there are certain countries that almost no one can point to the world map. Because they are very small, for example, because it is an island or because the country is very remote. Of these ten countries, you probably will never have heard!

A Few Nice Countries-Facts

How many people live on earth? What is the largest country? And where do most people live? First a few fun facts about countries.

  • About 7.6 billion people now live on earth. The prediction is that by 2030 there will be about 8.6 billion people on the planet.
  • Most people live in China (1.3 billion) and India (1.2 billion). With 314 million inhabitants the United States is therefore only a small one compared to China and India but is in third place in terms of population.
  • Russia is the largest country on earth, with 17,098,246 km², followed by Canada (9,964,670 km²) and the United States (9,826,675 km²)
  • The Netherlands is in place 133 when it comes to the size of countries. Our country is just a little bit bigger than Switzerland and just a bit smaller than Denmark.
  • Vatican City is the smallest ‘land’ on earth, with only 0.44 km².
  • Chinese (Mandarin) is the most widely spoken language on earth, spoken by more than 1200 million people. Spanish is the second language in the world, spoken by more than 400 million people.

Ten Unknown Countries | #MTTips

How many countries do you think you can mention? And in how many countries have you been? The chances are that these ten countries are unknown to you. Or do you know them and can you even point them out on the world map? A nice quiz to play with yourself!

  1. Micronesia 

Micronesia is located in Oceania. The country consists of more than 600 small islands, and Palikir is the capital. Micronesia has been inhabited for years: the Micronesians settled here 2,000 years before Christ.

  1. Kiribati 

Kiribati is also located in Oceania, roughly in the same area as Micronesia (where Polynesia is located). It is not a rich country, and the inhabitants are mainly dependent on fishing.

  1. Djibouti

The most ‘known’ from this list of unknown countries is probably Djibouti. It is a small country on the east coast of Africa (in the horn), with neighbouring countries such as Ethiopia and Somalia. Djibouti is not relatively unknown, but it is also one of the hottest countries on earth.

  1. Equatorial Guinea 

On the west coast of Africa lies Equatorial Guinea. A tiny country that for a long time was a colony of Spain. Since 1986 Equatorial Guinea has been independent.

  1. Gabon 

Let’s stay on the east coast of Africa because one of the neighbouring countries of Equatorial Guinea is Gabon. A whole lot bigger, but also quite unknown. Gabon is one of the most prosperous countries in Africa. No less than two-thirds of Gabon is covered with impenetrable rainforest.

  1. Palau 

We fly back to Oceania for Palau. This archipelago consists of 250 islands, where 21,000 inhabitants live scattered. Palau had been inhabited for centuries but was only discovered in the 16th century by the Spaniards.

  1. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The prize for the country with the best name goes to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines anyway because this seems more like a cover band from the 80s that one of the countries on earth. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is in the Caribbean and is a neighbouring island of Barbados – which you undoubtedly know. The temperature is tropical, and the beaches are exactly as expected in the Caribbean.

  1. Sao Tome and Principe 

Sao Tome and Principe are several islands off the coast of Africa; at Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Sao Tome and Principe owe the beautiful name to the Portuguese, but since 1975 it is an independent country.

  1. Guinea-Bissau 

A bit further north on the west coast of Africa lies Guinea-Bissau, bordering Senegal. This land was once also in the hands of the Portuguese. Although Guinea-Bissau is unknown, it is still a pretty big country, with a coast of about 350 kilometers long.

  1. Solomon Islands

And the Solomon Islands are also in Oceania. From this list of unknown countries, the Solomon Islands may be the best option for those looking for a new holiday destination. Palm trees, snow-white beaches, volcanoes, dolphins, and turtles. The Solomon Islands have it all!




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