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Every time we travel, we have a small suitcase. We always have the feeling that something is missing or that we need to wear a garment in case it is colder than we think or on the contrary that it is warmer. In the section reserved for technology, there are some essential when making trips that are best remembered always. Do not forget to plan your trip in advance, flight schedules, distance to the airport, what to pack, the necessary documents and your gadgets! This list will help you not to leave anything needed at home.


One of the essential items in the list. On the one hand, because it allows you to communicate with others when you are away and because you can organise many details of the trip from the screen of your phone. Besides, with the number of applications available today, you can use your mobile as a camera or camcorder, as well as a log to record your journeys and find the routes to go to the places that interest you.


Something bigger than the smartphone, the tablet offers comfort when it comes to surfing the Internet and is much more comfortable than a laptop to travel.


If you are one of those who cannot be without your computer, the best thing is that you choose a small one to be able to take it on your travels without being too uncomfortable. And if you travel for work is surely more practical than the tablet when it comes to working.


If you leave them at home, none of the above devices will be handy when you are out, so do not forget to put them in the suitcase. If you plan to spend little by the hotel, look for a portable charger, so you do not run out of battery when you want to get the best photo of the day.


Although smartphones and tablets are always taking better pictures, a good camera will allow you to save the best moments of your trip to make them unforgettable. If you travel to a destination that has lovely views, taking a camera with you is the best option.

Universal Adapters!

One of the things that should not be missing in your suitcase is a universal adapter. There are specifics for some countries, but the best option is the universal ones, which allow you to choose the right plug for each location without having to have an adapter for each destination.

E-books Readers!

If you are one of those who enjoys losing in a book in your spare time, one of the best artefacts you can carry in your travels is an e-book reader, much more practical and light than books. In the paper and with many more titles to read if you finish the book that you were reading in the middle of the flight.

Music Player!

Whether on an iPod or any other MP3 player, take your songs there wherever you go in your pocket. So you can listen to music anytime you want without wasting the battery on your mobile phone. Another advantage of using one of these devices is that your battery lasts for many days, so you do not have to worry about charging it every night.


Another companion of all travellers. With good headphones, you can isolate everything while travelling and you can make your journey much more enjoyable. It is best to opt for small ones, which you can keep in a pocket, to avoid overloading your suitcase.

A USB or Portable Hard Drive!

You may run out of memory in the camera or mobile phone when you travel. One of the lightweight and handy devices that can help you have more space available to store all the information you want during your trip is a USB or portable hard drive. They are becoming smaller and are especially useful when you travel to attend a committee meet or work engagement.

Depending on your tastes and needs, the ten items on the list can be beneficial if you decide to take a few days off. When you pack your suitcase, do not forget to leave room for them, but also leave a small space, to bring some souvenir or some detail for your loved ones when you return home.



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