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As every year, Euromonitor International has published a list of the most visited cities during this 2018. The percentage of travellers has increased compared to last year, and its growth is expected to continue. And now you ask … What have been the cities with the highest number of visitors this year? I will tell you below.

Possibly more than the one you take a surprise with this list that has changed a lot since 2017 until this year. Throughout history, travellers have changed their preferred destinations, and this has enabled the growth of tourism in other parts of the world. I must say that in this “Top 10” hardly appear European cities (precisely two) and that those who reign are Asian cities, occupying six positions.

Next, I will show you this ordered ranking of less number of visitors to greater, that surely will amaze you.

  1. Shenzhen 

This city of China has received 12,437,300 tourists this year. It is also known as “the city of the millionaires of China” and is that it has some of the most impressive skyscrapers in the world.

  1. Kuala Lumpur 

The capital of Malaysia has received 13,434,300 tourists during the year. It is the largest city in the country, and each year its tourist industry grows more.

  1. New York 

The American city reaches the eighth position with 13,500,000 visitors. It is the first American city in the ranking, and according to predictions, it will continue to be.

  1. Dubai 

This city climbs two positions since 2012 and is in seventh place with 16,658,500 tourists this year. Its growth has not been as high as last year, but even so, the number of tourists is increasing.

  1. Paris 

In the sixth position, we find the French capital, with 16,863,500 tourists. The city of love continues to steal hearts and visits do not stop growing.

  1. Macao 

This city has risen one place since last year and is in fifth place with 18,931,400 tourists.

  1. Singapore 

It has dropped a position since last year, receiving this 2018 to 18,551,200 tourists.

  1. London 

In the “top 3,” we started with London, the first European city that has received 20,715,900 tourists this year. It has grown 5% more, and it is expected to continue doing so.

  1. Bangkok 

The capital of Thailand is in second place with 23,688,800 tourists. It is still in the second position although its growth has been lower than last year.

  1. Hong Kong 

The winner this year, with 29,827,200 visitors and thus making a significant difference with Bangkok, is Hong Kong. Of course, it is one of the cities that offers more entertainment to tourists, with a very extensive travel guide.



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