First time to Jakarta,Here is what you should see !!!

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries to be toured, a foreign country with rich in history, culture, and places of interest, as his example Jakarta. Jakarta which is also a capital city of Indonesia this is an attraction for foreign tourists visiting Indonesia.

Jakarta became an attraction because of which have a lot of influence such as Arabic, Indian, European, Chines, Javanese and Malay. Also, Jakarta has a lot of Dutch influence in its architecture and its Asian cuisine.

Arguably Jakarta is a melting pot that accommodates a wide variety of cultures within it.

To present the knowledge and wealth of experience while visiting Jakarta, we will discuss ten places you shouldn’t miss in Jakarta. Popular places that you can find in the beautiful town filled with experience and excellent memories.

1) Old Town!

Is a town filled with Dutch architecture established before the time of Indonesia’s independence, the city is also known as Old Batavia, in the 16th century the city was dubbed the Jewel of Asia and the Queen of the East by European voyagers.

Old Town presents the beauty in every corner, the old town is one of the most popular historical tourist destinations, especially in Jakarta. Through the existence of several nearby museums, you can see and learn a lot of knowledge of history in the past.

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The ticket price for each museum is highly variable, ranging from RP 600 to RP 2,000. The operating hours of the museum is opened from 09.00 am – 15.00. If interested, you can bike around the old town freely with the rental price of RP 10,000, per hour.

Interested in the interior of the old school? Visit the Cafe Batavia and order some food which consisted of western food, oriental, and local delicacies at a very affordable price.

2) National Monument (Monas)!

When visiting Jakarta, you should not leave this National Monument, is a fascinating place to visit. Additionally, Monas is often the most important part of the celebration of the city as well as commercial and government celebrations, because this is where his interest to visit and is an icon of the town of Jakarta. Do not waste your chance to visit this monument!

Monas itself open to the public: open from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon. However, if you want to enjoy the panoramic view from the height of Jakarta, it is advisable to try out the ride to the top of the monument altitude of 115 meters by using the elevator.

3) Taman Mini Indonesia Indah!

TMII or called the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah located in East Jakarta. It is a tourist spot in Jakarta with the theme of Indonesian culture that we often encounter the Pavilion area that has a wide variety of small custom home to a wide range of dolls wearing clothes typical of each area – each province. Besides, TMII also has a little lake that describes the state of Indonesia and is limited to 33 regions held today.

Image Source: Indonesia Tourism

TMII also has a wide variety of recreational areas such as cable cars, museums, IMAX Theatre Keong Mas Theatre, and my homeland. TMII also has Indonesian Children’s Palace, a fairytale castle that can be entered and explored your heart’s content.

4) Ragunan Zoo!

In this zoo, you can find a wide variety of reptiles were awesome, but it also can find some exotic birds and rare animals such as leopards.

Entry ticket itself are cheap and affordable. With 5 thousand rupiahs, you can visit the garden, see the animals, to climb a variety of rides like trains perimeter, double bicycle, and so forth.

5) Thousand Islands!

Based in North Jakarta, many attractions to visit when stopped by the Thousand Islands. Bears the name “Thousand,” a cluster of islands is too much. Well, for your information, some of the famous Thousand Islands region, namely: Angel Island, Tidung, Pari Island, Hope Island, and much more.

Image Source: Indonesia Tourism

Pari Island is familiar with Virgin Sand Beach is still very white and clean!

It is a tourist spot in Jakarta, the most famous and you shall visit. Tidung is one of the Island in the Thousand Islands Tourism is the largest and most attractive to tourists. The island divided into two islands, namely Pulau Besar and Pulau Tidung Small Tidung associated with a very famous Bridge of Love. The bridge also used as a local’s favourite place to demonstrate the beauty jump over the arch of the bridge. Additionally, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the bridge.

6) New Markets!

Built in 1820 when Jakarta was still called Batavia, New Market or Passer Baroe at the time, was one of the few Dutch heritage buildings that still stand to this day. Besides always busy as a shopping destination, New Market is also a living center of Jakarta residents of Indian descent.

You could feel a different atmosphere in the New Market area with the presence of many temples and shrines, the smell of incense is lit from dozens of shops, restaurants, and cafes to some typical Indian cuisine, such as Taj Mahal, Gokul, and Waytuki.

7) Chinatown Glodok!

Not far from the old city, you will be invited to surround China town or Chinatown Jakarta. Simply put, this is where people of Chinese descent living and children and grandchildren. Well as information, Glodok Chinatown itself is the largest Chinatown area in Indonesia. In fact, its existence is touted as one of the “movers” economic wheels Jakarta until now, you know!

Image Source: Justgola

8) Dufan!

Who does not know Dufan? Family recreational tourist spots that have stands Fantasy World is a recreation area that has a lot of rides that are favored by all ages. The vehicles upgraded every year coupled with starring performances by all the expert staff of Dufan Ancol.

Image Source: visitjava

The vehicles owned Dufan Ancol always get you to try it out continuously. Call it rides Lightning that will attract you at the height of tens of meters, Rafting which gives hefty splashes of water, and various other rides very challenging to try. Therefore, don’t miss this opportunity!

9) Istiqlal Mosque

If you are visiting Jakarta, you should not miss this one place, a magnificent mosque and has a high historical value. While this is not a tourist place, but a place of worship of Muslims. However, this mosque has the impression and fascinating history.

image source: Vizts

10)Church Jakarta

All Saints Church, also known as the Anglican Church, is an Anglican church located in Kebon Sirih Administrative Village, Menteng, Jakarta. It is the only Anglican Communion in Indonesia. The church is located in Jalan Menteng Raya, close to the Farmer’s Statue. It is among the oldest church in Indonesia. The churchyard of All Saints Church contains graves of English soldiers who fell during World War I and World War II,

Well, that’s 10 Must Visit Places in Jakarta. Indonesia’s capital continues to develop into a modern city, but they never forget the sights that helped develop the city as a tourist destination that attracts many. So what are you waiting for? Plan your vacation soon!



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