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Night falls and the engines roar. The brightness of the moon is eclipsed by more than 1,500 luminous panels that light and electrify a unique layout in the world. In few places like in this, the night atmosphere takes as much life in the asphalt. Yes, I talked about Singapore, the Grand Prix fetishist’s fans testing under artificial lights but with true excitement.

Beyond the spectacle of lights and shades, vibrant colors and visors that allow following the eyes of the pilots, Singapore is much more than a weekend of races. A young and multicultural country, this city-state of Southeast Asia hides jewels and curiosities that you will meet in less than 10 minutes. Ready to travel to the ‘Lion City’? Hold on, curves come!

1- Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia, with an area of 684 km2. There are 50 countries in the world smaller than this city-state.

2 – The country is made up of 63 islands, each one of bigger and smaller size and attractive. Obviously, the main island is Singapore, but it is in the smaller ones where you must go to lie in the sun or enter in nature reserves.

3- The first historical records of Singapore date back to the second century. Since 1800 and given its strategic location in Southeast Asia, it became a British colony to favor, of course, the commercial interests of the crown. After being invaded by the Japanese in World War II, the country proclaimed self-government, was integrated in Malaysia and, finally, in 1965 became entirely independent. The Republic of Singapore was born.

4- Where does the name ‘Singapore’ come from? Everything points to the 14th century when the Prince of Sri Vijaya would have seen a lion here (although it was territory occupied by tigers). After this encounter, this area acquired the name of Singapore by the words in Sanskrit ‘singa’ (lion) and ‘pure’ (city).

5 – Beyond its imposing skyscrapers and its illumination when the sun falls, Singapore stands out as being one of the cleanest cities. So impeccable is everything that, even, do not sell gum for fear that people fall into the temptation to throw them to the ground. Same as here, right?

6- There is no picture and picture of Singapore where Marina Bay Sands is not visible. Here you will find the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the Sands Sky Park, the Art Science Museum, and theaters, the Grand Casino, Crystal Pavillions and Event Plaza, among other facilities. That’s nothing, eh?

7- This city-state is much more than the intense and attractive lights of the Marina Bay when night falls, and also day. The Botanic Gardens, Chinatown, Little India, the Business District and, of course, Singapore Flyer (reminiscent of the London Eye) are some of the attractions you cannot miss.

8- The Merlion is the image of Singapore; Half fish and half lion. As you may well have imagined, it represents the lion that saw Prince Srivijaya, while the fishtail refers to the fishing past of the city. The Merlion has a 37-meter-high statue in Merlion Park which, besides, expels water by mouth. Come on, the image that every visitor should photograph.

9- From Singapore, you can easily reach Malaysia as they are on the same peninsula and overland transportation is fast and feasible. Does the competition bug bite you? Follow it! The Sepang circuit is only 4 hours away by car, and you can always take advantage of a few days’ getaway to visit Kuala Lumpur. From skyscraper to skyscraper 😉

10- The Marina Bay Street Circuit is the most curved layout in the entire World Championship: with 23! Precisely the last turn is the fastest since the cars reach the 200 km / h. The speed, the humidity and the proximity of the walls and barriers make the safety car has appeared on at least one occasion in all the Grand Prix disputed.



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