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What should we not miss if we travel to Malaysia? It is an entirely unknown country, but it has much to contribute to any trip through Asia. Malaysia is a fascinating city that is always on the move, offering a wide variety of things to do including its impressive architecture, its gastronomic culture, its wide range of shops and an exciting and varied nightlife.These are 10 things to do in a trip to Malaysia, the list is very subjective, and depends on the tastes of each, but inevitably among these ten proposals, you find one that catches your attention.

1. Climb the PETRONAS Towers in Kuala Lumpur, two of the tallest buildings in the world.These two buildings are the most emblematic of all of Malaysia. They are the icon of a modern Malaysia. Eye! There are always many queues to climb. Do it during the week. 88-story skyscraper is the symbol of the country and the headquarters of the oil and gas company, Petronas. You can access the towers and go up to the 41st floor, where the Skybridge connects the towers and where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, the ticket price is 85RM (€ 17), Mondays are closed.

2. Eat in Jalan Alor Street: Authentic Malaysian dishes at a right price. If you want to taste the local cuisine, and even if not, just to walk, this street is a quintessential visit, and it is full of tables from different restaurants of Malay, Indonesian, Indian, Thai, Chinese cuisine … tasty and sometimes new dishes. Malaysia is one of the countries with the greatest culinary culture in the world.

3. Shopping in Kuala Lumpur: Shopping centers such as the spectacular Suria KLCC in the Petronas Towers or the Bukit Bintang shopping district with many shops and massive shopping centers will delight any discerning buyer. You can also visit the Central Market to buy typical souvenirs and handicrafts or the nearby ChinaTown, a paradise for cheap shopping.

Chinatown: This market is one of the liveliest in all of Southeast Asia and one of the must-sees in Kuala Lumpur. Petaling Street is its main street, and it is a place to visit day or night, it offers all kinds of imitation products, delicious street food stalls and you can also see locals doing their daily shopping in the market. I loved exploring this neighborhood.

4. Visit the magnificent Batu Caves: 13Km north of Kuala Lumpur are these caves, one of the most popular Hindu sanctuaries outside of India and the focal point for Hindu festivals in Malaysia. When I got there I was immediately surprised by the huge golden statue of Muruga that protects the entrance, I had seen it many times in photographs, but the truth is that when you are in front of this, it surprises how big it is. The interior cave is enormous, there are several rooms together, and the feeling inside is exceptional, I loved the visit.

  1. Visit the colonial past of Malaysia touring Georgetown in Penang. Inherent! A radical change in front of Kuala Lumpur. Also, you have excellent beaches very close to Georgetown and new visits to the jungle.6. Visit Sabah on the island of Borneo, a natural paradise where we will find mangroves, jungles, and orangutans in the Kabili-Sepilok nature reserve. Important to dedicate more than ten days to Borneo … and we are short with total probability. You can see only part of the island.7. KL Tower: The KL Tower or also known as Menara KL is a telecommunications tower of 421 meters high, it is the seventh tallest tower in the world. Being built on a hill when you go up to its viewpoints, it offers more top views than the Petronas and with better views of the city. There are several types of entry for access to the tower, and better chose Sky Deck, also known as Sky Box, the price of admission are 105RM (21 €) per person. This entrance, apart from going to the famous Sky Box, also includes the visit of the Observation Deck.

8. Visit Masjid Wilayah Mosque: The Federal Territory Mosque or Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan is one of the most important mosques in Malaysia and one of the largest mosques in the world. To me what I liked the most, although everything is incredibly beautiful, its blue domes are made of fiberglass and resin material to be durable and light, it is indeed a beautiful mosque that impresses a lot. To enter it the schedule is strict, and you cannot go to the prayer hours if you are not Muslim, the entrance is free, and women to come must cover their hair with a veil that they leave you there.

  1. Lake Gardens are a giant park that forms the heart of the city. Within the same space, there are a different tourist and cultural attractions, such as the Butterfly Park, National Museum, Hibiscus Garden and Orchid Garden. Tugu Negara – National Monument, a monument that commemorates those who died in Malaysia’s wars. Then head to National Planetarium, a space science exhibition center with a telescope and observation tower.Visit the Taman Tasik Perdana:Visit the Merdeka Square: It’s a historical point because there the flag of Malaysia was hoisted for the first time and it is where it is still being hoisted from the top of a pole in the center of the square.

10. Hotel with views of the Petronas Towers!
Staying in a hotel overlooking the Petronas is one of those things that you have to do when you visit Kuala Lumpur for the first time. Many hotels offer clear and unobstructed views of the Petronas, but few of them have an infinity pool where you can take a dip while enjoying the views.I stayed at Traders Hotel which is the best option, the night cost €114, but there are several more options, here I leave a list of hotels with pool and views of the most popular Petronas.

  1. WP Hotel €28 per night
  2. Somerset Ampang Kuala Lumpur € 61 per night
  3. Impiana KLCC Hotel € 52 per night
  4. THE FACE Suites € 104 per night
  5. Regalia Suites & Residences € 59 per night
    Malaysia has a great selection of accommodation for all budgets. If it is the first time you visit the city, my recommendation is that at least one night you have to stay in any of the hotels with pool and views of the Petronas Towers that I have recommended above.For affordable booking hotel online and grand lexis port dickson offers & deals visit Traveloka as it takes you directly to the best hotels in Malaysia.


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