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Many times we don’t decide to travel more because we think it is very expensive. And that these bargains that we see on TV, or that someone tells are simply a bluff. But in reality, by attending to different factors, investing some time and following a few tips, it is possible to find cheap airline tickets.How to get cheaper airline tickets: Getting airline tickets at a good price is sometimes a matter of luck, but sometimes it only takes a little work and research. Then we leave you a series of tricks to buy cheap airline tickets.

Search in Advance!

Do you know in advance what the dates on which you are going to have vacations or days off are? Go find now! Yes, we all have the same attitude, we leave it for the last hour, out of laziness or in case an unforeseen event occurs. But it is a mistake; the closer you get to the departure date the more expensive the plane ticket will be. Ideally, start looking for it two or even three weeks before departure.

Find it Yourself!

It’s hard for you to look and you’re lazy, you can go to a travel agency, but rest assured that the ticket will cost more. They also have to take a profit margin. So come, take advantage of your Internet connection and excel in the world of flight search engines, maybe even get the taste because we are sure that doing it on your own will save you by booking your trips online.

Follow the Advice of the Experts!

You are not the only one who has decided to start the adventure of looking for your cheap flight online. In fact, it is an upward trend. There are even specialists dedicated to studies on when to buy airline tickets. One of the most named has been the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, which states that the best time to book a flight based on its price is on Tuesday at 3:00 p.m.

Don’t Look for Airline Tickets to go out for a Weekend!

Keep in mind that on weekends flights are more expensive, that is, leaving on a Friday and returning on a Sunday will considerably increase the price of the plane ticket. That’s why it tries to lengthen the return, better on Monday or delay the exit.

Follow the Information of the Airlines!

Visit the websites of the airlines, if you like to be informed, sign up for their newsletters. You can also use the Twitter or social network to follow the flight search engines and be informed of last minute offers and promotions.

Opt for Large Airports!

Large airports, located in major cities, always work with more airlines and therefore allow you a greater offer when choosing combinations of flights.

Use Flight Search Engines with Caution!

A little more controversial issue is to use flight search engines. It is assumed that they will be able to find the cheapest options, but it is not always the case. We advise you to use them, but never buy without consulting the price offered directly from the airline’s website.

Compare Prices!

Invest time and compare. If you are going to settle for the first search, then you will have lost time and probably money. Compare the prices of several airlines, check different flight options, different schedules and even alternative routes can be the difference between finding cheap air tickets or not.

It is Better to be Flexible!

On the other hand, if you do not have a fixed destination, it is always easier to find a fantastic offer. Be flexible with your options. There are times when companies are interested in offering special prices for some destinations; take advantage of this may be your great opportunity.

Plan tickets for Round-trip or Separately?

Best – way tickets back set or separately? The logic tends to tell us that the first will be cheaper by default, but we should not attend to logic. Again, we must investigate and compare because sometimes it can be cheaper to buy them separately.

We hope that with these tips you will be encouraged to search for yourself and find cheap airline tickets.



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  1. I love booking my own flights online! It’s a lot of work but definitely cheaper than going to a travel agency

  2. Thank you for the tips! I must agree that flight search engines must be used with caution. They are cheaper but I think there is more guarantee in booking in an airline’s website.

  3. Thanks for these tips. For me the number one to look at is the reputation of the airline and of course the price. This is where promos come in.

  4. Really practical tips there,I’m always looking out for cheap flight whenever I need to travel and what I do is to book in advance or do the research myself to get a better offer.

  5. I found two tips valuable. They are to start searching early before you travel and travel through a big airport. Thanks for the information. I will surely apply them when possible.

  6. This is well stated,getting a cheap flight is starting out early enough to research and compare prices to ascertain the price that is most suitable for one’s pocket.I always like flights that are pocket and user’s friendly

  7. I’m planning a trip on Christmas holidays and these tips are really very helpful. Thanks for sharing this great information on how to find cheap flights.

  8. These are some really informative tips! It’s a good thing that there are articles like this that aids travelers/people find a more affordable travel fee. As for the comparison, indeed, it really is a must so that you can cut down the costs of your travel. Great!

  9. This sounds like solid advice. It’s great to be in the know of cheaper flight tickets. If people start following these trends, travel agents are going to go out of business. What’s good is that it only takes a bit of extra time to search for bigger airlines, compare prices and book in advance. Thanks for sharing.

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