10 travel habits that you had in the 90s and today are the strangest

The life of the traveler has changed. And a lot. Those travel habits that we had in the past before were normal and today are nothing but funny things seemingly taken out of fiction. It is possible that you have already forgotten many of the small moments or events that marked those trips of the last century. In fact, it is just as likely that you will not even get to live. Time passes slowly, but constantly. The changes are almost imperceptible given their slowness. Habits have already changed, and it seems that everything was always like that. But, how was the traveler’s life without a smartphone? Worse yet, how was it without the Internet?

I could not say if it were better or worse, although it was undoubtedly different. Very different. Here are a few funny things – you would not have seen it before, but now you do – you should not forget if you lived them, or you should know if you did not arrive on time.

1) You could smoke anywhere!

The first is not linked, and for many, it will have been one of the best news of the last decades. There was a time when smoking was allowed anywhere and at any time. If you are – or were – smokers, you probably remember that time with a tear in your eyes. Do not be overwhelmed, and there will always be terraces.

2) Yes, the maps were paper!

That’s right, and you do not have to go back to the Middle Ages to remember the existence of printed maps. Nowadays nobody is surprised to find a tourist looking at his cell phone – he could be doing so many things. However, in the past the image of the traveler lost waving his map from one place to another was the most common … Almost as much as it was difficult to interpret it.

3) You were up to date with your Discman!

I’m sorry if the image hurt your feelings. This device, called discman, took the belts of millions of travelers in the decade of the 90s. Currently, watching it for more than 30 seconds damages the eyesight. Now, not so long ago it was an authentic revolution, and it was an essential accessory to be part of the select club.

4) Limited photos, controlled details!

At that time there were still no digital cameras, much less mobile devices with an integrated camera and its infinite memory cards. Analogs were the latest in the market and were equipped with reels. These had a limited capacity – very limited, in fact – and no, they did not allow deleting previous photos to recover space. Take a good picture was an art.

5) You sent postcards by mail (Paper one)

Before the arrival of SMS and other forms of communication at a distance, travel postcards were a classic among globetrotters. Yes, friends, there was a time when it was only written when it was essential; not at all hours, minutes and seconds.

6) On airplanes, FREE FOOD!

I know, it’s hard to believe. In the 90s, airlines still rewarded the confidence of their travelers with free food to liven up the flight. Nowadays, it is not only unthinkable that they can give you something – unless you have lost a kidney to pay for the ticket – but they also offer all kinds of products: from perfumes to miniature planes. All payment, of course.

7) A book was your best travel companion!

Even if you have not noticed, you have now gained a place in your luggage. If you like to read, of course! Those who love reading should dedicate very valuable space to their books during the holidays. Especially for long-term ones. To move the amount of books that now fit in an ebook,  you would have needed a few full suitcases.

8) Only cash was accepted at most sites!

Before having the possibility to pay by card and much earlier still be able to do it through the mobile device, you were forced to fill your pockets with cash to face the day. This was not a problem when everything went according to plan, although any eventuality required activating the “survival mode.”

9) The food was eaten, it was not photographed!

There was also a time when it was not important to make your daily menu known. You were going to eat at a place because you simply liked your food, not to take a picture that nurtured your social status. At that time there were no Instagram or hashtags, of course.

10) Without TripAdvisor, you did not know where to eat, go out, sleep …

Context: it’s four in the afternoon, and you’re starving, but you do not know if the restaurant on the corner is going to satisfy your expectations. Has it ever happened to you? Luckily, TripAdvisor already exists and can get you out of trouble, although this was not always the case. Before, a coin was your best ally. Cruz, look for a new option; face, “that is what God wants.”

Special Mention – You wandered to see the city, not to find Pokémon!

It is possible that within a short time you will look strange if you do not walk with one eye – or both – fixed on your smartphone. Habitually the walks by the city were to know it, to visit their points of interest, to discover the most hidden corners; while very recently the distance you travel is directly proportional to the desire to become an elite Pokémon trainer.

The change is obvious, is not it? Some of the changes have been better, others worse. Like everything, everyone will have their opinion. Of course, it is clear that it is an indelible part of our past and that our way of seeing it has changed. Those travel habits that used to be common now are funny and even grotesque. Within a century, or perhaps not so much, we will surely be able to prepare a new list with things that you could not even imagine today.

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  1. That’s 10/10 for me. Yes it was a little tricky traveling in the 80s & 90s but that the adventure of it.

  2. I miss the paper maps and discman! Oh my, I didn’t realize traveling has changed A LOT over the past couple of years!

  3. This post took me down memory lane, all the points are so true.Food were eaten not photographed,very true now everyone will see ones menu on either Facebook or Instagram.

  4. Internet has come on board to take over so many things that used to be precious back in the day to make it easier, but I would not mind having free food on airplanes now!

  5. It’s really mesmerizing what a 20-to-30-year gap can do as well as how the Internet can greatly impact our daily lives. Subjectively, it’s really nice to look at the true sceneries than in the cyber world; it nurtures your natural spirit. It’s like unwinding yourself from your virtual life. Nice article!

  6. I was a teenager in the 90’s. I remember how happy I was when I got a cellphone in the late 90’s. It was a Nokia 5110.

  7. There had been a lot of changes over the years, but the idea of travellers still experiencing the same things but in different circumstance is somehow amazing. I personally loved the discman part because I, too, had that device back in the day and at that time I thought it’s the coolest thing ever. (still is, actually) Nice article! Well-written! Kudos!

  8. You find free food strange? First of all it is not even free. If you are on a plane or anything food is already covered in your fare. So to a degree it is not free.

  9. Advancement in technology revolutionized the way we travel. But the new and old times are equally fun with the latter being beautifully nostalgic.

  10. Times were much simpler back then, I missed having my Walkmans and polaroids with me when traveling! Regardless, I’m still thankful for all the technological advancements, which make documenting memories much easier.

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