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We are accustomed to traveling to countries located at the other end of the planet and lose ourselves between its monuments, and its most tourist spots. But, did you know that there are entirely prohibited places for the general public? Here are the most shocking!

Few things attract the human being more than anything that carries the word ‘forbidden.’ Since we are little, there is a kind of invisible force that leads us to desire all that we are assured we cannot have, to face what is ahead and to achieve our goal, without stopping to think about the consequences. Over the years, the human being is gaining some rationality in this sense and, perhaps, losing that value of innocence; but there is something that never changes: the ‘no’ attracts.

Every traveler dreams of visiting places he has always seen through photos or the big screen. Like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Great Wall or the Pyramids of Egypt, but he also longs to tread on those places that have always remained hidden and that those who know they have no interest in sharing them with the rest. Places whose visit is wholly banned and which keep secrets for years, decades, centuries and, in some cases, millennia.

Temples, sanctuaries, centers of operations, mysterious islands and even clubs that, to this day, still maintain a surprising exclusivity. Here are the 11 forbidden places you can never visit. What are you waiting for to begin the adventure and achieve the impossible?

Vatican Secret Archives!picture Credits :

If you’re passionate about the ‘Da Vinci Code’ trilogy, you’ve probably dreamed more than once of turning to Professor Robert Langdon for a moment and visiting the Vatican’s secret archives. There is a great mystery about what can be found in them since there are countless documents related to the Catholic Church that shelter its walls.

Nowadays, some fortunate researchers get permission to consult the documents they need for their projects, but the truth is that there is still a lot of secrets and, above all, a lot of mystique. Aforementioned is undoubtedly one of the most famous forbidden places on the planet.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault!

How many times have you listened to any comment referring to the future of humanity in the event of a worldwide catastrophe? Surely more than you can remember. What you may not have known is that there is a mysterious place in Norway, known as the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, where hundreds of thousands of seeds of all types of crops are stored today.The objective of this catastrophe resistant vault, created last year, is to safeguard the biodiversity of our planet. We say that it is impossible to visit it since it is a kind of vault and, in fact, it can only be opened in cases of extreme necessity. A beautiful little mystery is unknown to much of the world’s population.


It is possible that this name sounds a bit more. Poveglia is an island located right next to the famous Venice and is currently out of reach of any visitor. History speaks of a place of refuge throughout the centuries, to later end up becoming the home of death.

Picture Credits:

During the terrible plague of plague that struck Venice in the fourteenth century, all the dead, sick and suspected of having contracted the disease were sent to Poveglia, where the corpses were confused with the bodies of the living. Later, it was used in the same way with other epidemics, something that ended up giving him the popular name of ‘Island of the dead.’ At present, the authorities have banned all tourist visits.

Bohemian Grove!

Each July, in the end, the most important men of the United States gather in a massive forest near the town of Monte Rio, California. The members of the Bohemian Club enjoy their annual camp there, which is rumored to have come to make significant decisions worldwide.

This exclusive men’s club was founded in 1872 and has since passed through it from US presidents to artists of great international importance. The terrain we are talking about is part of your property, so only members of the club can access it.

Cave of Lascaux!

The human being is also to blame for not being able to visit some beautiful places. And that is that we were going to destroy our planet seems to be closer to becoming a reality than ever. The cave of Lascaux is one of the most significant historical and artistic discoveries that have occurred in the last centuries, and since the 60s it is completely closed to the public.In it were numerous rock paintings of exceptional quality, which have been admired by experts and visitors in general since they were discovered in 1940 by a group of adolescents. However, little by little, the hustle and bustle of tourists and their impact on them caused them to wear out to the point of threatening their conservation, which is why they can no longer be visited.

Island of the Burned Great!

This Brazilian island also receives the popular name of ‘Island of the Cobras’ or ‘Island of the snakes.’ With this information, you can imagine the reason why the entrance of civilians is completely forbidden, and only a few scientists get permission to step on the island, one of the most dangerous in the world.

It is the natural habitat of a species of venom poisonous, and there are those who say that more than one specimen is found per square meter. Although over the years different projects have been launched on the island, all have ended up failing, and it has been concluded that banning entry to it was the most sensible and safe decision.

The Coca-Cola Secret Formula Vault!

Perhaps the best-kept secret in the world is the Coca-Cola formula. Many have tried to get hold of it, to recreate it through experiments and even to create their own, but no one has managed to reach the ultimate goal.At the moment, the familiar formula is guarded in a spectacular vault located in the World Coca-Cola in Atlanta, the United States. Of course, entry to this camera is completely prohibited. Is there a recipe for the best-known drink on the planet or will it be part of a marketing strategy?

Ise Grand Shrine!Also known as the Great Shrine of Ise, this complex is an essential Shinto shrine in Japan, is even considered the holiest place of this religion. Formed by numerous recognized sanctuaries, they emphasize two of them: the Interior Sanctuary (Naiku and the Exterior Sanctuary (Geku).Although many traditions are known within their walls, the principal ones cannot be visited by the public and can only be observed at a distance, always behind the fences, which makes them one of the most mysterious places and magicians of Japan.

Area 51!

This Nellis Air Force Base, located in Nevada, is one of the most secretive places in the United States and the world. From the outset, the government of this country has refused to acknowledge the existence of this Area 5, until it has been able to do nothing else to confirm it. What has never been clear is … What activities are carried out in it?After some investigators have provided evidence that documents demonstrating the base activity have been removed, there are those who claim that everything has to do with the existence of aliens and the UFO sighting.

North Sentinel Island!

This Indian Ocean Island is part of the archipelago of the Andaman Islands and is administered by the Government of India. What are its mysteries? Since the existence of the same has been known, no one has been able to reach it to be able to explore it and discover what is in it.

The inhabitants of this island, of which it is not too much known, are those who have not allowed different visitors to enter their territories. His attitude has always been so violent and primitive that, finally, it has been decided not to intervene. What little is known about these Indians is that they could practice cannibalism and that it has practically no influence on modern life.

Club 33!

Last but not least, one of the most prestigious secret societies in the world. The Club 33 was founded by the Walt Disney himself and has members of great prestige worldwide, as well as a very long waiting list to be part of it. Located in Disneyland Park itself, it is one of the places and one of the most secret clubs on the planet.

The little that is known about him is that the requirements to enter are only within reach of a privileged few. In addition to a relatively high fee, those who want to be part of this Club 33 will have to overcome some tests that have never transcended the public sphere.

How about? Do you dare to return to your childhood and fight against the forbidden or after reading this you stay with the most typical trips? MacroTraveller has cleared it! Let’s start exploring the world as it deserves.



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