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Boracay Island is small but diverse in things you can do. From the beaches to the nightlife and everything in between – there are so many activities to choose from. If you do not know yet what things to do on Boracay that suit you best, read on to find out.

So let’s start …

1) Discover Boracay’s beaches and islands by boat

When island hopping, you will not only explore the surrounding islands of Boracay but also some of the 12 beautiful beaches. Lunch buffet and snorkeling gear are included, and you can choose between a group tour and a private tour.

I recommend the group tour if you want to make new friends – but most of the time you will be traveling with a group of Chinese or Koreans, which can be exhausting. But there are also providers who look at who is traveling with whom. The private tour is ideal if you want to be in control of the places to visit and decide for yourself how long you want to stay in one place. Chartering a boat works best on your own when you go to Bulabog Beach and negotiate with boaters. The prices are then often lower, than about any agencies!

2) Cliff jumping at Ariel’s Point

Ariel’s Point is a small rocky island just a 30-minute boat trip away from Boracay. The highlight is five springboards, distributed at the height of 3 to 15 meters. The tiny island is spectacular; jumping off the cliffs takes courage and gives you an adrenaline kick! The price of P2500 includes unlimited drinks and a BBQ buffet. It is a day trip from about 10 to 17 o’clock. The use of snorkeling gear, stand up paddle and kayaks is included.

3) Find new friends at Pub Crawl and celebrate together

Boracay Pub Crawl is more or less bar-hopping with the focus on making new friends, having fun together in fun games and encouraging them to connect with the other pub-goers. The group size varies from 40 to 150 people. Experience shows that it is more fun on the weekends when the clubs and bars are well filled. There are five different bars/clubs per night. The fun costs between P690 to P990. Included are ten shots, a great yellow T-shirt, entrance fees and 10% discount on drinks.

4) See Boracay when parasailing from above

Parasailing is an exciting way to get breathtaking aerial shots of Boracay and its surroundings (unless you have a camera drone). In 15 minutes flight time, you can enjoy great views in lofty heights. It’s best to negotiate the price for the spectacular adventure right on Bulabog Beach.

5) Sailing adventure with a Paraw

A Paraw is a Filipino sailboat similar to a catamaran with a boom on each side. Depending on the time of the day and the weather you will have another fun factor and different experiences when parasailing. My favorite moments are the windier days – a pure adventure because of the high speed and the waves! But getting into the same during the sunset is a unique experience. A paraw can carry up to 6 people. You can choose between the group and private tours. At dusk, many of the boats leave from White Beach at around 5 pm, during the day walk to Bulabog Beach to negotiate a good deal!

6) Explore the underwater world while diving

Did you know that Boracay has over 15 dive sites, all accessible by a short boat ride? Most of the dive sites do not place high demands on you. They are a perfect place for beginners to learn to dive. If you are a seasoned diver, there are some challenging dive sites in the Yapak area.

7) Dive into Helmet Diving and find Nemo

Helm diving is the easiest way to experience the underwater world of Boracay. Swimming or diving skills are not required. After an introduction, you put on your helmet, and you’re ready to go diving to search for Nemo. Once you’re down, you’ll be surprised how tame the fish are. I joined in the fun once. It’s a great feeling when the many little fish swim around you. They are not afraid of you, and you can feed them too. Your guide also shoots underwater photos of you. From this activity, you will be able to take home one-of-a-kind memories!

8) Discover Boracay’s 17 beaches

Did you know that Boracay has 17 beaches? Most people only know the White Beach, Puka Beach and maybe not the Bulabog and Diniwid Beach. But there are 13 more beaches – each with its quirks and charm. The Tambisaan Beach is suitable z. Great for snorkeling and the two secret beaches with unspoiled nature should also be discovered. All these beaches can be reached by tricycle. Negotiate the prices; often excessive demands are made. Mostly P50 – 100 more are called over the actual price!

9) Explore the colorful D’Mall

Wander the colorful D’Mall, Boracay’s huge open-air shopping mall. The D’Mall has a large selection of shops, restaurants, and bars. The D’Mall extends from the Main Road down to White Beach, consisting of three main roads and a few minor roads. A huge area!

10) Experience the vibrant nightlife on Boracay

Experience Boracay’s vibrant, positive nightlife. It starts at sunset when many open-air bars and restaurants open on the beach. Enjoy dinner, some cocktails with live music and make the night a day in one of the clubs. All interesting locations are located on the White Beach between stations 1 and 3. Some clubs, such as the Cocomangas or Club Galaxy are located just outside but are mainly rather locations for single men traveling alone.

11) Great views from Mount Luho

You should not miss a visit to Mount Luho! It is the highest point on Boracay. Viewing platforms have been built on the mountain, giving you an unrestricted 360-degree view of the entire island. To get to Mount Luho, it’s best to charter a tricycle for 1 hour. This costs P300 (pay only at the end. Otherwise the driver disappears!) The drive to Mount Luho takes about 15 minutes from White Beach. The entrance fee to the Mount Luho platform is P120.

12) Visit Willy’s Rock and climb

Willy’s Rock is considered Boracay’s landmark, right on the beach. It is a favorite place to take photos and watch the sunset. Willy’s Rock is in the middle of Station 1. At low tide, the water is shallow enough so you can walk through the water to get to the rock. At high tide you have to wear the swimwear – but a cool down always does it well!

Special Mention – Watching the Sunset

The sunset is world famous on White Beach. Especially at Station 2, it’s the most turbulent time of the day – after all, everyone wants to shoot some photos. If you’re going to experience the sunset in peace, I recommend you to visit either the North at Station 1 or the South at Station 3. Both beach sections are relatively quiet.

As you have seen, Boracay has a great variety of activities. There is something for every budget and every taste. Whether you want to relax on the beach, have an adventure or party and socialize, there are plenty of things to suit your mood and style.

I hope I could help you with my suggestions, to make your holiday on Boracay unique! If you have any suggestion, kindly leave a comment below.



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  1. Boracay is now closed for rehabilitation. It’s becoming polluted because of malpractices. Hopefully, it will be cleaned again.

  2. Awesome dude as a Filipino myself I am proud of this. One of the wonders of my country featured here? That is a blessing. Thank you.

  3. I’m happy that you’ve been to the Philippines. Though Boracay is under rehabilitation for now, it is really a great place.

  4. Yea,there are diverse things to be done in Boracay island really.As a night person I will really take advantage of the nightlife with my friends and then go Cliff jumping with my friends.

  5. Nice places to be in Boracay island,as a shopper I will explore the colorful D’ mall to get stuff and also take a dive in the underwater world,maybe with sailing adventure,it will great engaging in all of these.

  6. It’s good to know that you managed to visit Boracay before it was closed for rehabilitation. Hopefully, the area will be even more beautiful after the rehab efforts!

  7. I miss the gold old days of Boracay. The government closed it for 6 months right now because fecal algae whatsoever contaminated the water. Ewww. I wish I can see a lot of improvement afterwards.

  8. Boracay looks so lovely! But I believe the island has been temporarily closed for rehabilitation purposes. It’s quite sad to think that, based from the stories of the people I know who went there, there seemed to be a lack of concern for the environment there. I do hope that the government will restore Boracay to its old glory.

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