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Signature Unique Activities at ITC Grand Bharat #MacroTraveller

With a variety of leisure offerings, guests at ITC Grand Bharat will savor a wholesome experience and take back vivid memories. We may choose from a range of uniquely designed signature programmes and activities that offer an unmatched and memorable luxury affair to savor the gift of time, celebrate moments of togetherness, or satiate their taste buds.

Lunch at Aravali Pavilion – Swasthya Cuisine!Swasthya cuisine invokes time-honoured Indian culinary principles through an ideal combination of foods that promote wellness, restore and energise, calms the mind and uplifts the mood, enhances memory and slows down the effects of ageing.Responsible eating with the right combination of foods and fluids to enhance ‘sirath’ (internal beauty) and‘surat’ (external beauty).An experience of Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa!

Drawing from the rich spiritual tradition and ancient wisdom of India, the retreats highly acclaimed Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa offers an enlightened form of serenity and healing. Before or after treatment, savour a session in the vitality pool, steam room, sauna, or on one of the Relaxation Area’s lounge beds, and visit the Spa Café for a nutritious treat.

Kaya Kalp Massage– Signature massage restores the entire body, relieving muscle tension and soothing the skin. Relaxation is deepened with a personalized blend of essential oils, curated to your specific needs. (60/90 minutes)

Hamam– Designed to deeply exfoliate the skin, Hamam is a traditional Persian bathing treatment, beginning with an alternating flow of warm and cool water poured from a copper bowl, followed by a body scrub and a natural soap massage.

Bar Theatre at Peacock Bar! An interactive experience with the mixologist showcasing the evolution of cocktails through the ages.

Champagne Dinner at The India Room! Creative European Classics – the restaurant celebrates India’s engagement with Europe from the earliest times.

A personalised Yoga Session and Guided Meditation!Their resident yoga instructor, an expert in ancient Ashtanga principles, offers private yoga sessions and guided meditations of various forms, including heart-centered meditation, flame meditation, and self-inquiry by the power of visualization.

Cuisine Classica session with the Chef! We are invited to enrol in a certification programme where they may learn the art of fine cooking by attending special gourmet workshops.

Dinner at Apas Promenade!

The Apas Promenade at ITC Grand Bharat, underscores ITC Hotels’ Responsible Luxury ethos of bringing to the fore regional cuisines and local favourites with emphasis on a ‘Farm to Plate’ approach ensuring the luxury of savoring Fresh, Seasonal and Local produce.

Regional cuisine showcase – Mewati barbecues. The restaurant resonates the ethos of the international Slow Food Movement. (Clean, Good & Fair)

The restaurant also highlights indigenous cooking techniques:

  • ‘Shola’ or an open charcoal grill
  • ‘Tawa’ – an Indian hot plate
  • ‘Degchi’ – a vessel used for slow (dum) cooking

Classic Golf & Country Club!

Just a short two-minute walk from the lobby, our 27-hole championship course, designed by the legendary “Golden Bear” Jack Nicklaus—arguably the most accomplished player in the sport’s history—supports a singular playing experience for all skill levels.

Set against the backdrop of the Aravali Mountains, the course became the first private club to host the Hero Indian Open in 2000 and the first to use 100% organic material to enrich the arid and sandy soil of the region with fecund nutrients.



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  1. Aravali pavilion has got very enticing activities which will lure to want to experience it. It memories will linger forever because there are unforgettable I must declare.

  2. ITC Grand Bharat is a place to visit when one travels to Indian.The dishes looks attractive.The spa and yoga sessions are activities I want to get involved in…

  3. Wow! ITC Grand Bharat is a one-of-a-kind place. If I have a chance to stay there, I should make the most out of the period in the Royal Spa.

  4. This really a nice place to stop by any one visiting India for the first time. One will have an unforgettable experience here. The food here are really inviting.

  5. The food will get me totally hooked to this hotel . I love spacious and lovely hotel just like this. Will have an enjoyment of a life time here.

  6. The Royal spa got me. I don’t joke with my skin I pamper it a lot, couple with my line of work my skin needs to be clean and shiny all the time.

  7. The food is my next favorite thing in all your exploits. It is yummy and making me hungry. It can be a thing that transcends language and I am not even there.

  8. This is my kind of a job!!! Work hard have fun harder I would say. Anyway, you sure are good at it and looking forward to see more of your adventures,

  9. The food and yoga sesssion will be my best activities. I like to meditate a lot and the yoga session will definitely offer that and will enjoy the specialized bar too.

  10. Grand ITC seem to always offer the best in hospitality. Top notch service and well trained staff too. I will relish all the food and pamper self to infiny.

  11. Lunch at the Pavillion seems like laid back. The food is even served in bento trays like those commonly seen in Japanese restaurants. The dinning experience for dinner is marvelous, look at all those ingredients!

  12. Seeing that this hotel even offers gourmet cooking class is very interesting. How many hotels teach you to cook the way they do?

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