2019 New Year’s Destination: 10 Festive Cities for all Budgets

Looking for a great New Year destination to the party? Find my selection of the best European cities to spend the New Year. New Year’s Eve is approaching, and you still have nothing planned? Choose a New Year’s destination in Europe to take full view and party as you should, with friends!

10 New Year Destination Ideas


An unmissable New Year’s destination in Europe is of course London. Admire the beautiful fireworks show, shot over the famous London Eyes and reflected in the waters of the Thames. 

Meetings are also taking place at Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, where a giant screen broadcasts fireworks. The Southbank district offers a variety of events in a Christmas village setting.


For a New Year’s destination of excellence, head for Barcelona. On the program, sound and light animations from 21h, then a show of scenic arts at the beautiful Montjuic fountains, a pyrotechnic show shortly after the twelve strokes of midnight and a multitude of evenings in bars or discotheques are waiting for you! 

Do not miss either the Spanish New Year tradition: swallow twelve grapes during the twelve strokes of midnight, to ensure, it is said a prosperous new year.


Prague is a popular city for the New Year, so it is imperative to book your accommodation well in advance. As a couple or with friends, you will not resist the beauty of the fireworks, shot from Vitkov Hill. The best places to see the fireworks are the Vltava docks, the bridges in the historic centre or the Rieger garden.  

Prague is a very festive European capital, you are free to continue the evening in a club of the city.


We cannot talk about a New Year’s destination without thinking of Dublin! The Irish capital dazzles with its many activities: the NYE Countdown Concert or the countdown concert, the parade with floats and costumed parades, the parade of lights that illuminate in 3D the most beautiful monuments of the city and the fire of artifice. 

The good atmosphere is in Dublin, during the parade or after the fireworks, go for a walk in one of the many pubs in the city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands is a destination of choice to celebrate the New Year. On the evening of New Year’s Eve, the city centre comes alive with parties and colours like the neighbourhoods of Nieuwmarkt, Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein, very popular. Lovers of good food, discover the many restaurants that offer unique menus for the occasion.  

Let yourself be tempted by the country’s sweet specialities such as oliebollen and appelflappen, delicious donuts sprinkled with icing sugar or apple. Amsterdam is known primarily for its nightlife and is full of bars and clubs ready to welcome you until the first light of dawn!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the destination where you chose to celebrate the New Year? You are in the right place to celebrate one of the biggest street parties in Europe. It is around the Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of the German capital, that Berliners and tourists gather. On-site, discover many activities, musical performances, and many DJs. At midnight, savour the Sket (the local champagne) in front of a fabulous fireworks display that opens the entrance the following year. 

Peckish? Enjoy the 2 km along Strass 17 Juni where many stalls offer something to eat. The festivities then continue in many lively districts such as Prenzlauerberg and Kreuzberg, famous for their bars.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Celebrate the New Year for 3 days in Edinburgh! Here, the Scots benefit from an additional holiday, January 2 to extend the festivities. Also called “Hogmanay,” New Year’s Eve begins at 9 pm with many street concerts organized for all tastes. At midnight, several fireworks are launched simultaneously from different parts of the city and especially from the castle.  

The show illuminates the skies of the city and amazes young and old alike. For a complete immersion in Scottish culture go to the castle to attend the giant ceilidh, a traditional Scottish dance collective. Highlights of your stay include the December 30 torchlight procession from Parliament Square to Calton Hill.

3 festive destinations to celebrate the New Year in the rest of the world.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the first city to enter the new year and to celebrate its passage unveils a grand eve. From 1 pm, the festivities begin with a cannon shot and, in the evening, nearly a million people gather in the street to admire the fireworks of exception drawn at midnight over the bay. Near the Sydney Opera House on Circular Quay, admire the explosion of colours with this show that is among the most incredible in the world. 

Sydney, the city that never sleeps! From daybreak, a gigantic rave is organized. Nicknamed the Field Day, it starts at noon and ends until 23h, the perfect opportunity to enjoy a sunny eve.

New York, United States

New York is the dream destination for many New Year’s guests. Among the symbols of New Year’s Eve, the show on Times Square. Millions of people watch the event on television, for the lucky ones there is the opportunity to see the huge Times Square crystal ball perched 20 meters high on a mat, shining brightly.  

At 11:59 pm, a countdown goes off as the crystal ball slowly descends along the mast. , and a shower of confetti poured on the crowd. For the best view of this magical event, choose the legendary Broadway Avenue.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Want a destination to spend the New Year on the beach? Live the craze of the party in Rio de Janeiro. On December 31, thousands of people gather in a dream setting on the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Throughout the day, Brazilians celebrate the goddess Yemanja, protector of fishermen and sailors. Rose petals are thrown into the ocean, and some light candles on the sand making the setting magical. 

At midnight, a grand fireworks display illuminates the sky of Rio de Janeiro for 20 minutes while multiple concerts are given on the beaches. Inhabitants and tourists gather at the sound of samba, and traditional music of the country, the fort.



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