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The Fullerton area has matured a buzzing dining centre in the city not just because of its iconic waterfront views. The Bayside vicinity also presents it a seafood-themed heart, and the coveted real estate guarantees that only the tastiest spots prevail. The restaurants and bars of Fullerton Hotel Singapore where innovative culinary concepts inspire guests and Epicureans appreciate a wide array of delectable cuisines.

Prefer a quick latte or evening tea at the hotel’s lobby lounge. The Courtyard or fine Italian dining at The Lighthouse, dining choices swarm. Town Restaurant, the hotel’s lively all-day restaurant, their team of culinary specialists with global experience modern Western and Asian cuisines, including a taste of famous Singapore food. At Jade, contemporary Chinese specialities are served amidst a luxurious setting.

For a pre-dinner aperitif or free booze over a business deal, the hotel’s Post Bar, a firm favourite with the trendy elite and business crowd, serves an extensive selection of fine wines, martinis, and signature cocktails. For the last minute quick bite at the hotel, Post Express Deli offers a range of connoisseur take aways, sweets, and pralines.

The Town Restaurant!

Town Restaurant is a lively, smart-casual restaurant serving refined international flavours. It is the perfect place for a business lunch or dining in style. Modern & comfortable! Town Restaurant offers indoor or al fresco dining by the famous Singapore River. The Town Restaurant sets the breakfast scene where sound business people start their day with meetings over a hearty morning meal.

It offers a Power Breakfast, International Buffet Lunch, Asian Buffet Lunch, Asian Buffet Dinner, Seafood Gourmet Buffet Dinner, and a lavish Sunday Champagne Brunch with dedicated kids’ craft and activity room.

The Power Breakfast has light and healthy choices and a quality Power Juices alongside all-time breakfast classics. The International Lunch Buffet features a bountiful international array of appetisers including salad and sushi, soup, a variety of local and western main courses and desserts.


Jade restaurant has offered diners in Singapore Cantonese-style cuisine of exceptional quality and elegance and hospitality of exceptional warmth, ample earning for itself the revered reputation of its precious gemstone namesake. It’s recently refurbished interior, and gourmet menu revitalised by Executive Chinese Chef Leong Chee Yeng, continues this distinguished tradition.

Customers will enjoy an ambience that is both elegant and refined while being served in a manner that is courteous but never intrusive. For those whose love of fine Chinese food knows no bounds, Jade will both delight and surprise.

Don’t miss – Crystal Vegetarian Dumpling and Pan-fried Radish Cake!

The Courtyard!

Located in the sunlit atrium lobby of the hotel, The Courtyard is where guests can have a quick sandwich or a latte throughout the day. The Courtyard is the lively restaurant setting for all-day dining, whether it is a light meal, a signature Japanese or Indian curry buffet. The Courtyard is perfect for informal meetings or an afternoon tête-à-tête. Completing the beautiful experience are classical and jazz pieces from a trio of violinists and a cellist.

For a mid-afternoon break, visit The Courtyard and enjoy Afternoon Tea (Unlimited replenishment of tiered contents and free-flowing coffee and tea) served from a three-tier tea stand. For lunch, The Courtyard serves a Curry Buffet (Indian) featuring Northern Indian curries and dosas, and a Japanese Buffet of authentic specialities including fresh sashimi.

Note: For Quick Lunch, traditional Bento boxes are available!

The Courtyard offers signature Fullerton Express Tea, an elegant, specially blended premium White Tea.

Post Bar!

Post Bar at The Fullerton Hotel is a contemporary place familiar with style setters. While it is certain to evoke comparisons with some of the world’s most excellent modern bars, Post Bar has a style which is distinctively its own.

Everything here has been created to satiate the senses. The elements of design and colours have been integrated to provide a feast for the eyes and ears. At Post Bar, guests can enjoy the finest collection of modern and classic martinis and original signature cocktails to chill out to the contemporary music.

Amid the polished look, feel, and sounds at Post Bar are authentic touches such as the original ceiling and pillars of the original General Post Office, making a trip here indeed a feast for the senses.

The Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar!

The Lighthouse is Michelin star material in food/service quality. The Lighthouse Restaurant has mesmerising views of Singapore’s skyline and Marina Bay waterfront, especially during sunset. Great place for dinner if you choose ambience over food (joking). The pricing is honestly not that bad considering the location, service, and views. Enjoyed the breezy roof top bar and a good view of the marina area. Note – Much quieter than any rooftop bar around the area.



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  1. Oh my my my, all this food! Don’t tell me you had a taste of eeveryone of these meals? Wow, the fullerton hotel Singapore looks like a really nice place to visit, I love it’s concept of having different restaurant to suit your taste within the hotel. I love the setting of the courtyard restaurant.

  2. As someone who has been to many places, I must say that the Fullerton Hotel is one of my ultimate favorites. I loooove to eat and my only regret is I don’t have room enough in my stomach to eat all that they offer. Definitely a World-class dining experience. I will see you soon, that’s a promise.

  3. Food on those pictures looks so amazing! I am surprised by such big variety of food that Fullerton Hotel has. And it is nice that they have life jazz performers there. I wish I can visit Fullerton Hotel one day.

  4. Must be a big deal to be in the presence of all this food. I have never had a full on dinner in a world class hotel before. Perhaps I can follow your example.

  5. Chef Leong’s Jade restaurant is already famous; good to know from the reviews here that the quality matches it’s reputation. Thank you for recommending the Lighthouse Rooftop Bar! Looks like a good place to relax and unwind in the evening.

  6. Chef Leong’s Jade is famous for it’s Chinese delicacies. Good to know that the food matches it’s reputation. The Lighthouse Rooftop Bar look like a good place to relax and unwind after a long day as well.

  7. Well, has this post made me hungry! As a bread lover, I was stunned by such variety of bread, and all looking so delicious! This pizza also looks great!

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