5 Offbeat Hotels in India


  • Ananda In The Himalayas, Uttarakhand

Situated in the midst of scenic Himalayan mountains, this resort provides peace and comfort for the travellers. Located in the middle of Haridwar and Rishikesh this luxurious resort is considered as the best destination for spa and food. Starting 650$ per night a stay at this luxurious resort comes with breakfast.

MTTips: Nearest Airport is Dehradun Airport

  • The Tree House Resort – Rajasthan

Set in the midst of Syari Valley, this resort offers a pristine view of Aravalli Mountain Ranges. With places to visit is just an hour and a half drive away, this resort is just what a nature lover can expect it to be. True to its name, the cottages available here are on Tree House. Starting 156$ per night the resort provides free Breakfast and Coffee for every guest.

MTTips: Nearest Airport is Jaipur International Airport

  • Vythiri Resort, Wayanad, Kerala

Dubbed God’s own country, Kerala, Vythiri resort in Kerala is spread across 150 acres of pure nature. The Resort is situated in a place that looks like it has been untouched by human civilization where you can notice tropical trees and animals likewise. Starting at 289$ Vythiri offers tree house, villa and haven, free breakfast and dinner are available upon request

MTTips: Nearest Airport is Calicut International Airport

  • Oceans Spray, Pondicherry.

Built across 5 acres of land, around a man-made lake Oceans Spray Resort In Pondicherry is like a resort in the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’.

A large swimming pool situated and the man-made lake has various circular patches which are connected by the bridge. Per night stay starts with a price range of 87$ providing Villa, Jacuzzi and Garden/Water view.

MTTips: Nearest Airport is Puducherry Airport

  • The Elsewhere Beach House, Manderem, Goa

Situated in pristine calm waters of Arabian Sea, The Elsewhere beach house is a perfect getaway place from the hustle of the city. Situated 30 m from the sea this place is accessible by a footbridge that runs from the beach to the cottages booked. This beach house offers nature and tranquillity in its stay and you can view a good beach sunset. Room price starts $222 per night depending on the season, with warm temperatures and breezy sea this place is heaven for nature and bird watchers.

Tip: Nearest Airport is Goa International Airport






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  1. Wonderful resorts and cool pictures. The tree house resort is quite serene. Thanks for sharing with us your experience, MacroTraveller ?

  2. India is my dream country to further my education. I will surely pick from the list of this 5 offbeat hotels to catch fun. Thanks for this post as you remain the best agent when it gets to travelling internationally.

  3. Lovely and serene hotels in India but it seems I love Ananda more the luxurious resort provide total comfort and hospitality for it’s clients.

  4. Vythiri Resort, Wayanad, Kerala looks very exciting. I love the bridge, and the place on the tree. It seems taken from a movie of Indiana Jones.

  5. Vythiri Resort looks the best for me. I like being surrounded with green and trees. This is what makes me to travel in highlands rather than deserts

  6. I can’t get over how iconic Oceans Spray looks. It’s a true masterpiece and an amazing show of architectural prowess.

  7. Of all these hotels, Vythiri Resort is the coolest because of the tree houses. I have always wanted to stay in a tree house.

  8. These are all amazing looking hotels that one can actually book in for some good jolly time. I will to experience my summer holiday in any of these hotels.

  9. Offbeat is an understatement. I am open to visit all hotels in the list except one number 3. I do not know but it looks like straight out of a horror movie for me. For one that forest I assume looks very creepy and I came or will be here to relax not be scared, Sorry for being honest.

  10. I have never been to Indian before but I know their are lots of tourist centers their.. this hotels are avant grande and I wish to visit some of them one day

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