5 Spectacular Destinations for Adventurous Travellers

There is someone who does not suffice to do tourism in the center of a city or to relax on the beach, but prefer to get lost in nature or practice sports at risk. To all those who consider you adventurous travelers, I offer you several destinations, spread across five continents. No doubt, you will not be disappointed.

  1. Costa Rica!

It is a country full of nature and fun for all its visitors. Especially for those who want to live a different and unforgettable experience. Hence it is considered by many as the mecca of adventure tourism. And it is that Costa Rica has more than twenty parks and eight nature reserves. The most famous is the Manuel Antonio Natural Park in Puntarenas. One of its attractions is its beaches surrounded by rainforest, ideal for those who want to surf or do ecotourism.

Just as spectacular is the Corcovado National Park, where you can explore the real Costa Rican jungle, as nature is unspoilt and shelters a myriad of exotic animal species. It is best to lose ourselves for her and discover her charms. Besides, outside the park, you can do various activities, such as a horseback ride.The adventurous travelers who enter Costa Rica can also go rafting on the Pacuare River; visit the turtle sanctuary in Tortuguero; or bathe in the hot springs of the Arenal Volcano. Recall that the country is located in the “Pacific fire belt” and houses one hundred and twelve volcanoes, five of them active.

The possibilities do not end there. For those who love the marine environment, Isla del Coco is your best option. Declared a World Heritage Site, it houses thousands of species of fish, sharks, and cetaceans. Diving can see all of them.

  1. Iceland!

It is filled with lush national parks, extensive lava fields and glaciers covered with snow. In this way, visitors can enjoy a wild environment and acquire a unique experience.Given the small size of the island, this can be traversed from end to end, and Ring Road allows to do it circularly. Along the way, tourists will encounter the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal complex that has a thermal lake; the immense Vatnajokull glacier; or with the Snaefells volcano, the most active and famous in Iceland.

Also, the route passes very close to some of the best known and visited places of Iceland, such as the Gullfoss waterfall; the valley of Haukadalur, known by its geysers; the valley and the fault of Thingvellir. The Vatnajökull National Park (largest national park in Europe), which presents a wide variety of landscapes.

  1. Kenya!

One of the great attractions of this African country is safaris, and the most famous place is Masai Mara, the national reserve that houses the largest concentration of wildlife in the country. In addition to the animals in their entire splendor, tourists will be able to enjoy the spectacular sunset.Other highlights include Amboseli National Park, Lake Naivasha, and Lake Nakuru, which hosts a wide variety of birds. Also note the Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba reserves, which allow you to discover lesser-known species such as Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, and oryx beisa.Kenya offers more alternatives for adventurous travelers, such as trekking on Mount Kenya, considered the most challenging technical climbing in Africa; climb the Fischer Tower, a massive volcanic column; skydiving or diving at Diani Beach; or hiking in Mount Longonot National Park.

  1. New Zealand!

For adventurous travelers, New Zealand is an excellent choice. And more specifically, the Queenstown region. In it you can practice skiing, paragliding, horse riding, trekking, rafting and, above all, bungy jumping, a variant of jumping in which the rope is elastic and the subject bounces several times after the jump.Other adventurous possibilities in the oceanic country are parachuting and enjoying the beautiful views of the island, snorkeling in the marine reserve of the Poor Knights Islands, rolling down a hill of Rotorua in the Ogo.If there are people who are overwhelmed by so much action, you can opt for quieter but equally exciting alternatives. For example, you can take a boat tour of the immense quantity of Waitomo limestone caves. The lighting is in charge of the hundreds of fireflies that populate them. The atmosphere cannot be more spectacular.

  1. Vietnam, Perfect for Adventurous Travelers!

The Asian country falls in love with its natural beauty. So one option is to dive into the Dalat forest by hiking. Through this activity, tourists will be able to cross mountain ranges, visit villages of ethnic minorities or to intersect with the fauna of the place, among which are the wild monkeys. To regain strength, there is nothing like camping in Lake Tuyen Lam.On the other hand, if there is an essential destination within Vietnam is the bay of Ha-Long, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here you can explore the trails of the Cat Ba National Park as well as climb the cliff of the Mariposa Valley.

However, the activity par excellence in Ha-Long Bay, due to its calm waters, is kayaking. It can be done through limestone caves in secluded coves, hidden lagoons, secret beaches or rough fishing villages. The setting is spectacular.

Vietnam also hosts the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong, located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Those who explore it will be able to explore its more than one hundred caves, enjoy its rivers, waterfalls, underground streams, or its spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.



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