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They have saved thousands of lives, but they have also fallen in love with their beauty and with the spectacularity of their surroundings. Many lighthouses populate our planet, but there are some that stand out above the rest. Here are the most beautiful in the world.

The sea, the waves crashing against the rocks, the wind touching your face, the sound of the storm … A unique and unrepeatable magic that only occurs in certain specific points of our planet, which are surrounded by a special aura that the has become one of the most mysterious and mystical places on Earth. MacroTraveller is speaking, of course, about the lighthouses, those buildings that have served and act as guides for thousands of sailors who depend on them on the most closed nights.

As we say, these buildings are surrounded by a unique mystique, and many stories and legends surround them, making them not only magical places that provide security for sailors, but also in tourist attractions that attract travelers from the most remote spots on the planet. Who has not seen the idyllic print in which a lonely lighthouse sees the sea breaking beside him, while he remains impassive watching his work? If in photography it is majestic, in person it is something from another world.

Usually, the vast majority of lighthouses stand out for their beauty, but there are some in particular that managed to leave us all breathless and have become travelers’ favorites. We could talk about tens or even hundreds, but these are the six that stand out above the rest:

Tourlitis Lighthouse, Andros (Greece)Without a doubt, one of the most spectacular lighthouses in the world. The Lighthouse of Tourlitis, located in Andros (Greece), stands out for the curious place where it is. And is that is on a rocky base almost the same size, which makes the access very complicated, but gives it a unique beauty.

Tower of Hercules, La Coruna (Spain)One of the oldest lighthouse that continues in operation even today. Its history dates back to the time of the Roman Empire, and today it has become one of the symbols of Galicia. Of indisputable beauty, everything that this lighthouse has lived and contemplated adds a plus of tourist interest.

Lighthouse of Créac’h, Isle of Ouessant (France)

Phare du Creach! If you are looking for the classic and traditional image of a lighthouse, you will find it on the Isle of Ouessant. The Lighthouse of the Créac’h is considered to be the most dominant in Europe and, together with the wonderful enclave in which it is, gives us a stamp that will appear from a work of art. Simple, but beautiful.

Lighthouse of Kiz Kulesi, Istanbul (Turkey)Also known as the Maiden’s Tower, it is located on an islet about 200 meters off the coast of Istanbul. Contrary to the previous one, this lighthouse stands out for its originality and for the effect that causes its illumination in the closed night. An image that you will not forget and that will captivate you completely.

Lighthouse of La Corbière, Jersey Island (United Kingdom)Just as with the previous one, the lighthouse of La Corbière is also located on an islet that is at the southwest end of the beautiful island of Jersey. From a pure white and surrounded by what could be considered as small cliffs, it has become one of the most admired lighthouses on the planet.

Yeda Lighthouse (Saudi Arabia)

Probably one of the most peculiar you will see throughout your life. This lighthouse, located in the city of Yeda, is considered the highest in the world, with a height of 133 meters. With features of the architecture of the area and a less curious way, has managed to leave more than one with the mouth open.

There are many that I have left along the way and probably some of them completely unknown to many tourists, but these six lighthouses stand out for their beauty and aspects that make them completely different. Follow your light and visit these beautiful places.



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