7 Stunning Underground Wonders Around The World

There are many occasions when we believe that the beauty of our planet is at first glance, but what we do not know is that there are wonders located underground that leave everyone who knows them silent. Discover them!

It is a fact, and we tend to stay on the surface, at least in a first contact. When we contemplate a landscape or visit a city, we are often struck by its monuments, the vast mountains that surround it or the perfect combination of avant-garde and classic buildings. However, not all the beauty of a place is on its exterior, in what we see with the naked eye, but requires that we dive deep to know its most precious wonders.

And it is that even if it seems a lie, in our beautiful world many magical places are underground and only a few intrepid and fortunate have been lucky enough to visit, to contemplate, to live and to feel. Real works of art of nature and, on some occasions, of the human being that remain hidden for many and that show us that in the case of the Earth, beauty is also found in the interior.

There are so many underground places capable of falling in love that it would be impossible to list them, but these are some of them. Prepare the suitcase, because after seeing them you can do nothing but think of finding yourself once and for all in front of them.

Marble Cathedral (Chile)

A paradise within reach, a work of art sculpted by the forces of nature. On the shores of Lake General Carrera in Chile, there are a number of caverns in which we will find unique shapes and spectacular colors which have been appearing through the action of water. The largest is known as the Marble Cathedral, but many others are waiting to be explored.Budapest Caves (Hungary)

As you know, it is said that Budapest is two cities separated by the Danube: Buddha and Pest. Well, the truth is that there is a kind of the third town in the form of subterranean caves that run all its length and where you can find all sorts of wonders. From a labyrinth in which you lose yourself to a hospital excavated in the rock that would serve as a nuclear refuge. Wonderful.Caves of Dambulla (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka is one of those countries that conquer from the first moment. The majesty of its monuments and buildings is such that you will be overwhelmed only by contemplating them. One of its great wonders is the Caves of Dambulla, located in the center of the country, which houses numerous temples and statues dedicated to Buddha inside. A walk through them will help you to find you and will astonish you a few experiences in life.Wieliczka Salt Mine (Poland)

It seems a lie, but these salt mines are still being exploited today and began to function there in the thirteenth century. Located near Krakow, they have a depth of more than 320 meters and a length that exceeds 300 kilometers. Although, as we say, still in operation, they can also be visited on a tour that will show you unique places on them.Churches on the rock of Lalibela (Ethiopia)

We are accustomed to large cathedrals in the center of the cities or too small hermitages on the outskirts, but there are also subterranean churches, dug in the rock. In the city of Lalibela, in Ethiopia, we will find numerous examples of these peculiar and beautiful chapels that have captivated visitors from all backgrounds and religions. One of the most curious human-made wonders you will encounter.Poço Encantado (Brazil)

As with the Chilean Marble Cathedral, nature has done all the work here. Near Chapada Diamantina, in Brazil, we find the one known as Poço Encantado. A lake that stands out for its turquoise water and the fact that it is located inside a cave! Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful enclaves in the country and our whole planet and an essential for lovers of Mother Nature.Derinkuyu (Turkey)

Places to visit underground wonders, visit a city completely buried. We speak of Derinkuyu, located in Turkish Cappadocia, one of the places that have generated more mysteries over the years. Although there are other underground cities in the area, this is the most spectacular. It has more than 15 levels and is said to have inhabited more than 10,000 people. Spectacular!Alongside all these wonders we can find others such as the Ajanta and Ellora caves of India, the Turda salt mines in Romania, or the Drach Caves in Mallorca. As I say, countless are the underground wonders of our planet, and we are convinced that many others have not yet been discovered. What are you waiting to start looking for?



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