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It is one of the best things to do during a city trip: chilling in a city park. Enjoying a treat with some snacks and drinks enjoying life in the city. We have collected the eight most beautiful city parks around the world for you!

  1. Place des Vosges – Paris 

Paris has many beautiful city parks, but the Place des the Vosges is the best of them all. In fact, it is a square with a small city park in the middle. Place des Vosges is an exact square of 140 by 140 meters and is surrounded by 36 identical houses with asymmetrical architecture.

  1. Central Park – New York City 

A list of the most beautiful city parks in the world is not complete without the most famous of them all: Central Park in New York City. It is a place that attracts millions of visitors per year, but where it is never really very busy. Central Park is big enough to be a haven in this metropolis.

  1. Parc Güell – Barcelona 

Parc Güell in Barcelona is different from all other beautiful city parks around the world. It is a lovely green park with a beautiful view over the city but is especially famous for the artworks of Gaudí. The double staircase with Salamander and with the bench mosaic are the showpieces of Parc Güell.

  1. Stanley Park – Vancouver 

Stanley Park is the city park of the Canadian city of Vancouver. It is a park of more than 400 hectares and offers some lovely views over the city skyline. Normally this is also a place where you encounter athletes: runners, cyclists, skaters, and walkers: everyone goes into Stanley Park for a workout.

  1. Villa Borghese – Rome 

The most beautiful city park in Rome is Villa Borghese, named after the beautiful villa in the middle of the park which is now a museum. It is a beautiful green park with all kinds of sculptures. In busy Rome, a walk through this park is really a breath of fresh air, and you can relax completely.

  1. Greenwich Park – London 

The most famous park in London is Hyde Park, but secretly Greenwich Park is much more beautiful. From here you have phenomenal views over the city. Here you also find the clock where all other clocks in the world are tuned. You can admire the clock with Greenwich Mean Time in this park.

  1. Ueno Park – Tokyo 

If there is one country that bursts with the beautiful city parks, then it is Japan. And the most beautiful can be found in the capital Tokyo: Ueno Park. Especially when the cherry trees in this park are in bloom, it is spectacular to walk through this city park. Besides trees and plants, you will also find ancient temples, a museum, and even a zoo.

  1. Company’s Garden – Cape Town 

Right in the centre of Cape Town is the Company’s Garden: a beautiful, green city park with flowers, statues, and fountains where you can relax. It is the former vegetable garden of the VOC – also called Kompanjiestuin – which was built in the 17th century to supply the VOC ships on their way to the east with fresh fruit and vegetables. The history makes this an extra special city park, but now it is especially a fantastic place to relax.




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  1. Lovely collection of great city parks around the world. I wish can visit all of these parks at least once once a year. Wouldn’t mind to start with Place des Vosges – Paris it will be fun.

  2. I love going to city parks. Either jogging, walking my pet around or just to breathe some fresh air. You get to meet new people.

  3. I love going to city parks. Either jogging, walking my pet around or just to breathe some fresh air. You get to meet new people. Seeing kids with smiling faces is a great feeling.

  4. There’s a nice city park in my country that I love to visit during my leisure. it always a good place that one can really use to clear the head. The one in Paris is so beautiful.

  5. I have not been to Paris yet but its one of my dream countries to visit. When i do finally visit des Vosges park will be one of the places to see.

  6. I love parks with lots of greens and other colors. I love the one in Barcelona since it looks very different from the other. I hope to visit it one day.

  7. Barcelona and Paris are my dream destinations! I love the list that you created. It definitely showed different varieties of wonderful places. I might check out some of these places while I’m at it.

  8. One of my bucketlist is always new york and vancouver.Would love to do a morning or evening run.As always your blog is amazing.

  9. Wow so beautifull Parks to visit, my favorite was the Ueno Park in Tokyo, I love those pink trees and I love the Japanesse culture.

  10. Each park sounds like a totally different blissful experience. You covered a lot of ground with this list. The Parc Güell in Barcelona, Ueno Park in Tokyo and Stanley Park in Vancouver sounded the most beautiful and scenic to me. They all carry distinguished cultural aesthetics like zoos, runners and colorful landscapes.

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