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If you like to travel and are looking to spend some time on vacation, then Goa is the place to be. In this winter east, it meets the western state, and the Indian culture is intertwined with the Portuguese culture that left its influences due to an occupation of 500 years. From north to south the place can be plagued by tourists due to its tourist environment. Mosques, temples and wildlife sanctuaries give deviations to this holiday complex.1. Admire the Sunset!Goa is on the west coast of India – which means that every evening a bright red sun disc sits right in the waters of the Arabian Sea, staining it with fiery flowers. Sunset is one of the main cults in Goa, equally honored by both local and tourists. So in the evening, there is one road – to the beach, to one of the many cafes or just to the sand. The best time for gathering with friends or for quiet contemplation!

  1. Saddle the Royal Enfield!It is unlikely that with your arrival in Goa will be a long time until you hear the powerful roar of the motorcycle “Anfield,” the driver of which is likely to be a long-haired hippy. This legendary motorcycle “created like a rifle and flying like a bullet” is made in India since the late 50’s. And to this day they remain here the main way of traveling from one beach to another. Driving lessons can be found everywhere: do not be lazy to take the time to master this iron horse.

  2. Go Shopping!The local populous flea markets are a kaleidoscope of exotic knickknacks, products made of shells, bamboo and coral, jewelry, carved furniture, copper utensils and insanely cheap variegated clothing made of natural fabrics. Such shopping arcades can be found in virtually every settlement of Goa, but it is necessary to visit one of them: the flea market of Anjuna, which takes place on the streets of the resort every Wednesday. Here the choice of classic Indian souvenirs and clothes is wide, as nowhere in the state. And do not forget to bargain: initially, the price for tourists can be overestimated by two or three times!

  3. Tighten your Health!If you are open to a new experience and alternative medicine, then keep in mind, ayurvedic centers in Goa are a great way to restore your body, mind, and soul. The teaching of Ayurveda concentrates on special nourishment, meditation, and yoga. The main principle is the correct flow of energy in the body. Recommended for everyone who is not indifferent to a healthy lifestyle!

  4. Get acquainted with the Historical Heritage!The city of Old Goa is the former colonial capital of the state. Thanks to the charm of old streets, striking architecture and picturesque churches, the city is one of the favorite places among tourists. 20 minutes’ drives west of Panjim – and you are in the Indo-Portuguese era! Do not forget to visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the Church of Santa Catarina and the Archaeological Museum.

  5. Ride on Unknown Trails!Break away from the beaches! The state of Goa is dotted with many kilometers of tangled roads running between the bright green rice fields, Indian villages, and picturesque cottages. Saddle your transport (whether it’s a car, the above-mentioned Royal Enfield or a bicycle) and go where your eyes are looking. Just remember: getting lost on local roads can be easy.

  6. Get a Tattoo or Mehendi!Numerous tattoo parlors along the resort area inspire you with awe in half with indecision? There is a way out: let the master paint you with black henna at a low price. Whimsical patterns are harmless to the skin and completely disappear in about a couple of weeks. If you make “Mehendi” (so-called these temporary tattoos) before you go home, then you will have enough time to show off to them before your loved ones.

  7. Enjoy Goa’s Nightlife!Goa is synonymous with fun and partying. One of the symbols of the state is broken parties on the beaches, full of high-quality music, colorful lights and most of all the diverse public. The most famous party places in Goa are Tito’s on Baga and Hilltop clubs in Anjuna, but in addition to them, the resort is full of bars, trance discos and hidden in the jungle of small clubs. In order not to miss the most interesting, watch the posters and flyers announcing the best parties.



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