9 Excellent Airports Where you can spend time & entertain yourself

More and more it is common to find airports in which you would not mind staying a little longer. Not by the shops or by the gastronomic offer (although in some cases too), but by the amenities and curiosities, they offer travelers to make them better. We are all different and have different tastes, but “being at an airport” is one of the things that few people citing as their favorite activities.

The airport is a place of passage, what we want is to get on the plane and arrive at our destination, which make these stopovers of several hours or delays that require us to spend there too long are seen as a kind of limbo, a mandatory exit of our lives. Annoyance, annoyances and frustrations! We rarely associate airports with fun and leisure, despite having found cheap flights, is not enough.

However, it is more common to find airports in which we would not mind staying a little longer. Want to know in which airports should you try to make stops? Here are nine examples:

  1. SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTIt is one of the best airports in the world and if you go there, try to spend a few hours there. Yes, on purpose. I assure you something: they will seem short. Among other things, you can stroll through orchid gardens or butterflies, enjoy the swimming pool you have on the terrace and sunbathe. Go to the movies, enjoy a massage, toboggan run that jumps from a height of four floors, of course, enjoy free wifi and take a nap in a comfy armchair designed for this use.

  2. WELLINGTON AIRPORT (NEW ZEALAND)This airport should be marked as a must have for any Lord of the Rings fan. Why? For some years now, from one of its terminals, you can see a vast (with enormous I mean 13 meters high) sculpture of the Gollum to fish. But there is more: the Gandalf is mounted on an eagle and in another corner can find the dragon Smug. If you are in the Middle Earth Airport (as it is known), you do not want to be curious and you can also play golf here!

  3. ZURICH AIRPORT (SWITZERLAND)Switzerland is one of the countries where nature lovers escape whenever they can. If you are only going to spend a few hours at the airport, do not worry: between terminals, instead of stretches of asphalt and cement, they have a nature reserve! You can rent bikes, skates, walking sticks. There is no excuse for not doing a bit of sport in nature between flights!

  4. INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT OF SAN FRANCISCO (UNITED STATES)Did it hurt your whole body for having spent several hours on a plane? Would you do a little yoga but are you ashamed to stretch out in the middle of the waiting room? At San Francisco airport you will not have this problem: it has a yoga room with mirrors! Also, every Friday in the summer there are concerts by local artists and you can either entertain yourself in the aquarium or visit the aviation museum. By the terminals, you will also see many art exhibitions.

  5. AIRPORT SCHIPHOL OF AMSTERDAM (NETHERLANDS)Do not have time to go to town or are you too tired? Do not worry, in Schiphol you can even visit a museum: this is the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schiphol, the first in the world, in an airport terminal with free admission. With works of art that leave nothing to be desired about the complete version of the city! You can also visit the casino, go to the meditation center, enjoy a 10 or 20-minute massage or go to the spa.

  6. INCHEON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (SOUTH KOREA)One of the airports that is always at the top of the lists of “best airports in the world” What did you do to deserve it? In addition to ensuring that the customs clearance is speedy (averaging 19 minutes!). And it is almost impossible for them to lose their luggage; they have all the class of services to make the passengers enjoy: two cinemas, golf, a casino, spa, and sauna. They even have an ice skating arena! You can also learn about Korean culture by watching traditional music and dance performances or doing typical handicrafts.

  7. MUNICH AIRPORT (GERMANY)If you spend a few hours in the winter, you can have fun skating on the ice arena (or watching people struggle to stand up). They also offer the full German experience, and you can have a beer at the Airbrau beer garden. You can even play minigolf, enjoy a massage or relax in the spa and sauna.

  8. HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTThe Hong Kong airport is so popular that there are people who specifically want to scale there and not in another. Among other things, you can see something on the largest 4D screen in Asia, visit the aviation museum (which is not dull, has a flight simulator, and you can be a pilot!), See many art exhibitions, play golf or relax with a treatment in a spa.

  9. HELSINKI AIRPORT (FINLAND)Much smaller than the rest, but perfect for spending a few hours leisurely. Exhibitions, a cinema where Finnish short films pass, a summer terrace and a free relaxing area with comfortable egg-shaped armchairs where you can sleep a little, articulated beds (they also have capsules that close and where they forget until they are in an airport). There is also a book exchange point and of course a spa.


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