A sneak peak experience of Bikaji Factory in Bikaner

Snacks and savouries, hearing this word we come across an array of eatables that are available in our country. We can notice people selling these food items on the streets or we notice people who have made a special store just to sell the snacks. We notice the variety of snacks prepared in various states based on the respective taste in that place and thus we can have a variety of snacks all around India. Once you visit the states you can relish the snacks and savouries of that state and city and enjoy vacation exploring local places and authentic food of the city.

While on my recent visit to Bikaner, Rajasthan I wanted to visit Bikaji Bikaneri Foods. Popular for their variety of products released under Bikaji Foods Limited their snacks are famous not only in India but all across the globe. Started by Shri Shivratan Agarwal in the year 1987 Bikaji now has their products in your nearest supermarket signifying their growth gradually upon its inception. My visit to this factory situated in Bikaner was informative on how the production of the products that are prepared in the factory and how they take it up for marketing on a global scale.

Bikaner in Rajasthan is known for Savouries so much so that Bikaneri Bhujia holds a Geographical Indication Tag and is allowed to be prepared by factories set up in the city of Bikaner. Bikaji Factory set up in this city also has any authority to prepare the famous Bikaneri Bhujia, however, they have not limited for one particular product but they have expanded to various other products which suit and tastes the palates of millions of Indians worldwide. Shivratan Agarwal who is a grandson of Legendary Gangabhisan ‘Haldiram’ Bhujiawala started a small shop in Bikaner in the 1930s and set up a dedicated factory in the year 1987 for production and preparation of various snacks and savouries

Bikaji now has products such as Bhujia, Cookies, Namkeens, Papad, Snacks and Sweets which are prepared here. Coming to specific products prepared here, Bhujia includes the snack prepared in moth dal produced locally and they have different flavours on the same product this includes Bikaneri Bhujia, Boondhi Bhujia, Sev, Khokha and Aloo Bhujia which are tasteful with every bite.  Famous for what they prepare, the Bhujia prepared here are must try and you will not regret from the first bite. Cookies prepared here include Ajwain, Butter badam, Coconut, Dry Fruit, Punjabi, Kaju/Kaju Pista and Kesar Pista cookies. These cookies melt in your mouth and you will feel the sweet taste passing down through your mouth and taste buds. Namkeen is like short bites and which does taste sweet and spicy or sour with every bite these includes Bhelpuri, Jhalmuri, Chewda, Khakra, Peanut and Channa crackles. You can try out various other Namkeens prepared here in these options. Papad prepared here include Channa Papad, Aas Paas papad, Baat Cheet papad and Dil Khus Papad. They have these crazy names to the papad so to attract the consumers with their cheeky names.

Snacks and Sweets prepared here include Chips, Bhakarwada, Mini Samosa, Murukku, Kaju Masala, banana chips etc. Sweets which is revered upon in Rajasthan include Soan Papdi, Sadabahar, Barfi, Ladoo, Kaju Katli, Dry fruit Barfi, which are available in boxes and the tin sweets include Raj Bhog, Gulab Jamun, Rasagulla, Rasbhari etc which has liquid syrup in them hence packaging in boxes is not a good call and are sold in tins. Every item prepared by Bhikaji Factory is monitored and they take utmost priority on cleanliness. Upon my visit, I was impressed by the number of products prepared here and how they are packaged and distributed. This bought out an idea of how much people love Savouries which has now become a part and parcel of our food.  Try these items and let me know your experience of how Bikaji Products are.



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