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Sometimes, we all need a little rest after all the hustle and bustle that daily routine brings us. We want to rest but really, without anyone bothering us, without attending to unwelcome calls or messages and in a place where peace reigns. Next, I bring you some of the hotels built in places where not many human beings have come to tread.

This desired peace may be possible, albeit at a high cost, thanks to these hotels that are located in remote places in several countries. They are not bad hotels, but they have the greatest possible luxuries so that, even being far from civilization, you can enjoy “without suffering” at any time.

This list is formed by hotels around the world, although its accessibility in some cases is very complicated.

  1. Longitude 131º (Australia):
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    Located next to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, in the middle of the desert, this safari-style camp is located. To get there, we must take a flight in Sydney or Melbourne to the Ayers Rock airport and the hotel will pick you up right there. You can also arrive by helicopter to the hotel itself or traveling all-terrain from Sydney. A beautiful place to admire the stars at night.
  2. Rifugio Torre di Pisa (Italy):
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    this hotel is an ideal place to breathe fresh air. Although in winter its accessibility is difficult due to cold and heavy snow, some adventurer approaches on skis. As soon as you wake up in one of your rooms, you can enjoy the magnificent landscape of the Dolomites at an altitude of 8,000 feet.
  3. Fogo Island Inn (Canada):
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    On a rocky ledge on the island of Fogo, a picturesque fishing village, you will find this hotel with 29 rooms. Depending on the time of year, you can observe some or other animals walking around, from foxes to groups of whales. A perfect place to observe the ocean in tranquility, although reaching it will last more than two hours by ferry.
  4. Conrad Maldives Rangali (Maldives):
    it is possible to see sharks while you are in the restaurant of this hotel or to sleep under the sea, as in a story. The only possible way to access this hotel is by taking a hydroplane that will transport you to the same door. Its difficult inaccessibility is what is most attractive so that not everyone can afford it.
  5. The Manta Resort (Tanzania): in the middle of the Indian Ocean we find rooms floating under the sea. To get to this luxurious resort, we must take a boat from Pemba Island to the room itself. A luxury and ideal to disconnect from any noise coming from civilization.
  6. Jade Screen Hotel (China): almost at the top of Yuping Mountain is this wonderful five-star hotel. Huashang Airport is the closest to reach, although upon reaching the lower part of this mountain, it will be necessary to ascend 60,000 stone steps to reach it. So, we only recommend it for the more adventurous and, of course, those who do not have vertigo.


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