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About #Macrotraveller

“Travel Life, Macro Size !!!”

Wikipedia says Macro means Big & Traveller is one who travels for experiences, Not Destinations.”Experiential Journey of a Macro Guy”. I am #MacroTraveller A.K. A Nivedith.G and I am an “Experience Collector” which revolves around Travel, Lifestyle, Technology &Food. Be it a shack or a palace, Forest or tiny roads in towns or major tourist attractions, I would like to experience it all and share my experiences to the world that would help Fellow Travellers travel better.

I started blogging in 2008 and launched Macro Traveller as a one stop destination for all travel based information and experiences.

I had quit my full-time job as a Digital Marketing professional in June 2015 to make my passion and dream a reality of a Full-time traveller.

Follow my experiences on social media using #MacroTraveller #DhempeNivyTravels.

One of the top 100 Influencers in India using Klout Score.

For Collaborations, you can reach out to me at Travel@MacroTraveller.com or +91 9901671111

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