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Hair loss is a problem that nobody likes to have. If some have this problem in their family, there are others who face this due to factors such as stress, scalp infection, heredity, etc. However, people believe that hair transplant is the only solution to get rid of hair loss. But there is also a non-surgical way that is not only safe but effective as well. The non-surgical hair replacement method offered by Advanced Hair Studio is perhaps an affordable and effective way to get your hair back.

Due to a high level of stress in the contemporary era, hair loss has become one of the most common problems among the people. The same has increased the demand for hair replacement and even hair extensions. Hair replacement with hairpieces, such as wigs that cover the entire scalp, wigs with a mesh that fits the scalp, interwoven and hairpieces themselves can hide bald areas of the scalp or weakening of hair, produced because of any type of hair loss.

An excellent choice for non-surgical hair replacement, hairpieces are manufactured with a wide variety of materials, ranging from very high-quality natural hair to accessible synthetic hair strands. There are new methods recently developed to fix the hairpieces, which allows a more natural look of the hair growth line and the capillary pattern with respect to the old systems.

Why choose Advanced Hair Studio’s Non-Surgical – Strand-by-Strand? 

One of the most trusted and renowned names when it comes to offering the service of hair replacement in India. Originally invented and patented by Advanced Hair Studio, Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic is a non-surgical hair replacement procedure that guarantees the restoration of your appearance and gives you a full head of hair, regardless of your appearance and stage of hair loss. This non-surgical hair replacement procedure is far ahead concerning technology, methodology and product range being performed since years as it has been developed after years of research and innovation. Hair replacement without surgery, pain or scar. Get your hair back gradually, at the same rate as you lost it. This patented method requires no major maintenance and almost does not affect your everyday life. Get back the look and confidence again with Strand-by-Strand.

One of the significant advantages of Advanced Hair Studios – Strand by Strand is that it leaves no scars or pain. The results of a Strand-by-Strand are just like I’ve got my hair back again. Hair replacement will not be better than Advanced Hair Clinics Strand-by-Strand. If you are looking for a discreet hair replacement of very high quality, then you have now found it right.

A hair replacement treatment can help you feel completely safe and show your right me for the world. At last a hair loss treatment that works!



Its been 3 months since i have done Advanced Hair Studio Treatment and with my new makeover, my life has drastically changed in this short span of time which makes me looks not only 10 years younger but also more confident as well,Infact i also got engaged in this span of time and AHS played a pivotal role in my life.

If you want to transform your life with a new look,

Click here and have a consultation first to know the cause of hair loss and stage.

Use Code: MTAHS to get Rs 12500 discount for the treatment.



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  1. I am just curious as to how exactly Strand-to-Strand cosmetic works to negate one’s hair loss problems. It says non-surgical so I presume it’s a kind of hair replacement. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention any specific method of attachment.

  2. From the review here I recommend Advanced Hair Studios to good hair lovers since it leaves no scars or pain and Hair replacement will be better in Advanced Hair Clinics Strand-by-Strand

  3. This is a nice place to have your hair cut and styled. The styles are always trendy and stylists are friendly too.

  4. Ladies that need their hair perfectly made should stop by advanced hair studios to get perfect hair and also have their hair beautify to their taste. I will love to patronize them.

  5. Wow! This hair studio in India is one of the best hair studios I have ever seen. While hair is being cut and styled, the ambiance can rejuvenate their customers.

  6. Wait, what? I mean, it looks like a wig, the first few photos. It still looks artificial (to me) in the next few pictures – but that maybe the styling? I dunno. I was really surprised at that cricket player’s transformation though. It looked like a different person altogether!

  7. This looks like a must-visit place in India! I love the aesthetics of the place, seems like a great place to get my hair done!

  8. This looks like a must-visit place in India! I love the aesthetics of the place, seems like a great place to get my hair done! thanks for sharing

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