American Airlines Business Class Experience

  American Airlines, a national airline of the USA which covers most of the world, with its direct and connecting flight routes we can notice how the airlines have expanded since its opening to the public. There are many short routes and long routes which are either direct flight or there will be layover flights operated by American Airlines. For the long routes, we do need a spacious place and privacy which we can experience in Business Class of these airlines.

Getting a good rest on your way to travel is one of the most important and when it is of long travel then it is better to get a quick sleep before you reach your destination. American Airlines Business class provides you with better sleep with spacious seating and legroom. You can expand the seat to form flatbeds where you can take a good rest.

Upon boarding the flight I was provided with a drink, and the menu was later provided. Meanwhile, we were quickly briefed about the tour and were informed to contact the head for any issues arising or any information that was missed.  Once the menu was provided we were told about the menu of the day special and were quickly briefed about the amenities provided in Business Class. After 30 minutes, the flight attendant took my order; also you can pre-order your meal beforehand with the meal of your choice so that you can avoid any confusion.

Once the menu order was taken, I spent some time to explore the cabin which I was seated in and noticed the large spacious legroom with an option for my seat to be reclined and formed a bed. This was comfortable for me as for my long flight, I needed a nice rest. Business-class at American Airlines give us personal space which is a plus point. Most of Business Class seat provides 2 windows to watch the view as the flight takes off. Near the seats, we notice a storage compartment where amenity kit, headphones and a mirror was kept, right below the storage compartment was another huge storage compartment where you have the option to keep your shoes or laptops while on your flight here.

We were provided Bose Headphones which makes American Airlines one of the airlines that provide Bose headsets for their Business Class Passengers. On to our left side of the seats was entertainment control, seat control, power port and reading light was present. These controls are self-explanatory and I was exploring the numerous shows and movies that were present in our In-Flight Entertainment. A couple of minutes from departing, we were provided personal kits which included Socks, eye mask, dental kit, toiletries, tissue, earplugs and some discount codes which can be used.

After some time, we were provided starters and salads which tasted good compared to other airlines but being a spice person I needed the breakfast to be spiced up a little bit. Once salads were served, we were provided drinks of our choice and were served within 5 minutes of ordering. A couple of minutes after having starters and a drink, we were served the main course which looked amazing, however; the taste was bland compared to Indian tongue standards ;). Once done with the main course, we were given an option for Coffee or dessert. I chose the latter as I had quit drinking coffee and was also in the mood to try out their selected range of desserts.


After a good meal, I decided to take rest for which we were provided Pillows and Blankets beforehand. I slept for some time comfortably here and when I got up, I took a quick round of the Business class area and stumbled upon the gallery where a snack bar was present. With their various range of snacks and desserts here at the bar. The spread was beautifully decorated and this made me tempted to try every snack that was kept here, however as I was full with the meal I decided to try out some of them which tasted pretty good.

Later I watched movies and slept again, I was wakened up during the breakfast period where we were again provided breakfast menu and to choose some of the chef’s special dishes. Once done we prepared for landing. During takeoff and landing period, we need to de-recline our seats for safety purpose, which I did and once landed, I walked up to immigration office to explore the country which I came to visit for.



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