Asia’s Byggest brewpub -Byg Brewski Launched in Bangalore

Byg Brewski Brewing Company announces the launch of its sprawling property – Asia’s Byggest brewpub – on Hennur Road. Set in the backdrop of the mighty Nordic past, reminiscent of the majesty that is the Vikings. There’s a lot to love to admire about Bengaluru. Apart from the incredible weather, and the welcoming people, Bengaluru also has a vibrant pub culture. Now, Namma Ooru is home to Byg Brewski, the largest microbrewery in the country. Byg Brewski Brewing Co, the brewpub is nothing short of a magnum opus. It spreads over 65,000 square feet in Hennur and is opening doors on May 31. The second-largest microbrewery, Hoot at 40,000 square feet, is also located in Bengaluru.
Big, Bigger, Biggest – Byg Brewski

Staying true to its theme, Byg Brewski offers 16 different types of homebrews. Their Master Brewer Martin Benrad, who accepted the award as Byg Brewski Sarjapur was named the ‘Best Microbrewery Award in Bangalore’ last year, will carry forward the legacy at the new venue.

Byg Brewski is spread across a whopping 65,000 square feet and is home to five different experiencial zones. According to ET, Pravesh Pandey, partner-owner of Byg Brewski Brewing Co, claims that the brewpub is the largest in Asia too. “Our research shows that there is no other microbrewery as big as this in Asia. It’s a single level venue spread across 65,000 square feet and will be able to take 1280 covers at any given period comfortably,” says Pandey.

Each dining/experiential area is defined by bespoke ambiance to ensure Byg Brewski patrons enjoy every mood and occasions.

Brick– Raw and rustic, Brick is the new-world-order of barbaric. High on energy, this section caters to an audience that wants to have a good time.

Syn– A starlit sky and some sippy drinks are all that romantic evenings are about, and Syn embodies just that.

Club– Apt for a well-paced evening with peers. Subtle and mature, the Club is a niche space for the wordly and poised.

Colosseum– A vast amphitheater, where music sets the rhythm of conversations. And the authenticity of the experience is sure to take you on a (virtual) trip to Rome.

Pavillion– And for an evening with loved ones, family, and friends, celebrations, and parties, or just some family time, Pavillion is just the warm place to unwind and reconnect.

A Gourmand’s Paradise!

Bringing to life, the bygone era will be Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, who will be dishing out more than 200 recipes through live kitchens from cultures across the globe one of the byggest kitchens ever commissioned. Byg Brewski also boasts of a 6,500 sq feet state-of-the-art ss kitchen with the best firepower. Being an open kitchen, standards of hygiene remain unquestionable. It also accommodates one of the largest wood-fired pizza ovens. And, owing to demands of scale and quality, Byg Brewski makes its own bread at its in-house patisserie. The silent kitchen can serve up to 5,000 guests per day. Josper – a Spanish charcoal oven which cooks with the method of charbroiling takes a special space in our menu. By using the Josper, they are incorporating sustainable technology while ensuring that our chefs do justice to the product, and gives a ‘farm to fork’ result.

Byg Brewski is all about ensuring that patrons have a good time, and hence entertainment remains at the heart of all endeavors. The amphitheater is setting the stage to bring international performing arts to Bengaluru. From world-class performances to fresh talent in the city, Byg Brewski curates the most engaging acts and artists to take the experience of the place to the next level.





The place is stunning and massive. The place has an open-air seating area to die for and an exalted ambiance with lovely lighting and attractive interiors. The fire marshals are cool. The Pub serves Finger Food, Italian, North Indian and Seafood delicacies. The premium bar menu spoils one for choice. Byg Brewski Brewing Company provides an entirely one of a kind heart-filling experience for food and drinks lovers. Byg Brewski is designed as an oasis in the non-descript urban sprawl, a place where memories of happy moments shall have an image.

Too good to resist, be its ambiance, food, and drinks, hospitality, the pub is a beautiful place to hang out. Food was delicious, and portion size was good. I would go back there when I want to meet friends after long to chill out.

Byg Brewski you made history! Proud of you team congrats on the historic venue.


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