Beach Villa & Water Villa Experience in Amaya Kuda Rah #Maldives

What is the first scene which comes to your mind when I say the word the Maldives, scenic nature, vast ocean, white sand beaches or perfect honeymoon destination?


This was what it came to my mind before adding my sticky note to my pin-up board on planning my vacation to the Maldives. Before reaching the Maldives, I researched things to do, where to stay and where to shop in the Maldives and what better way to stay in the Maldives is to stay at a Villa.

Villa is a term for a high-quality vacation stay purpose that caters to tourists who want to experience the luxury stay and in the Maldives stay in the villa will be unforgettable.

Before choosing which villa to stay, while researching I stumbled upon a perfect place which matched my expectation and I immediately booked the place called Amaya Kud Rah.

Amaya Kud Rah is a luxury 5-star resort and spa situated in South Ari Atoll, Maldives. It takes around 30 minutes to reach from Male International Airport to South Ari Atoll via seaplane. This resort is situated in bliss white sand beach and offers various activities in and around the resort.

When I found the perfect stay, I booked a place to stay at this resort. Amaya Kud Rah has many different options for place of stay like the accommodation includes Villas and Suites, wherein villas they offer Beach Villa, Water Villa and Family Duplex Villa and in suites, they offer Beach Suite and Presidential Sui

I would like to explain more about the Villas as I have an in-hand experience of the villa when I stayed there.

Typically, a beach villa is a luxury stay in a property facing the beach. The beach villa experience in Amaya Kud Rah was the one I quite remember because of its aesthetic villa. Beach villa in perfect for 2 people stay however if you plan to visit this place with family you can upgrade yourself to Family Duplex Villa. Beach Villa in Amaya Kud Rah offers Air Conditioned room with King Size Bed suitable for 2 people, a minibar, Iron board and blow dryer where it can be utilized as per ones need. They also provide free wifi, TV with satellite channels and Bluetooth speaker where you can enjoy yourself a party. The best thing about Beach villa is Bath facility as it provides a separate shower facility, a swimming pool and a huge bathtub. This is one kind of experience which you need to explore while in Amaya Kud Rah. There is a free lounge area where you can chill and enjoy the stay.

Water villa experience at the resort was mesmerizing where it is luxury stay with property situated above the beach which is a perfect place for 2, unfortunately, there is no family upgrade for water villa as it is situated above the ocean. The stay is in an air-conditioned room which offers a King Size bed with extra leg space, a mini bar, Iron board and blow dryer, In house telephone and safe lockers. They also provide amenities like wifi, tv and speakers. Same as beach villa even water villa has separate shower facility with bathtub, they have a huge private infinity swimming pull which takes the stay in water villa up an ante this leads to beautiful pristine clear waters of Indian Ocean where you can rest and enjoy the stay with luxury. Water villa also provides an In-Villa dining where you can enjoy scrumptious dining under the dark clear sky with a cluster of stars.

I recommend the stay here if you need to have a memory of what you did in the beautiful archipelago of Maldives.

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    updates. Really looking forward to it. Thanks once gain for sharing this post.

    1. Great photos of Maldives. Brings out the true beauty of the island. Hopefully one day I get to enjoy such an experience. Amazing!

  2. A perfect place to stay whether for a honeymoon or just relaxation. Having a beautiful place like this everyday is a heaven on earth.

  3. My ideal vacation spot. Everywhere you look is just paradise. I wanna cross this out on my bucket list. Hopefully sooner than later.

  4. The Maldives is another good place to go to have fun. See that color of the sky in that first, so mind-blowing. In fact this is a perfect one can revigorate when the mind has been stressed up for years.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! The villa there looks amazing and the food looks fantastic. Would love to have a vacation there.

  6. Maldives reminds me of Philippine beaches. That resort must be very costly. Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of the place.

  7. One need to have this beach and water villa experience..travelling round the world to have this amazing experience wouldn’t hurt

  8. Such picture perfect scenery, delicious food, and lovely accommodations. All essential ingredients for a perfect vacation or just a retreat from a busy life. This is seriously awesome.

  9. Beach Villa is a cool place for relaxation and it worth every dime spend on it. It just a spot that lovers will appreciate.

  10. Who doesn’t like a visit to an island? especially when it’s in Maldives. It’s quite a beautiful place for a holiday.

  11. You always have amazing trips. Amaya Kud Rah, seems to have great villas available for staying, I likethe pictures that you took about the place where you stayed it looks very inviting and colorful.

  12. Thanks for explaining about the villas, and sugesting Amaya Kud Rah like a perfect place where to look for. I hope that you have enjoyed your trip as much as you showed in your pictures.

  13. The Maldives looks like the place to be! The pools, beaches, forestry and villa amenities look outstanding. I love that the water villa is situated over the ocean. The free lounge and bath facility are sensational as well!

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