Behind the Scenes: How To Make Money as a Travel Blogger

As a quick response: yes, if you can make money with a travel blog, but it is not as simple as you think. When people find out that I’ve been traveling non-stop since 2015, they ask me, but, well, how do you do to pay for your trip? The answer is that I do it in the same way that everybody does, with money that I earned working.But working does not always mean you’re going to be in an office, working for some big corporation or having a physical business. The Internet has opened up endless possibilities for all those people who want to work and travel. We live in exciting times: Thanks to the Internet every single one of us can reach millions of people.

Making money with a travel blog is possible, but I want this article to be more complete. I want to deny some ideas and assumptions that you have of people who work from the internet, tell you the advantages of doing it and how you make money. I will briefly explain: What is a travel blog?

Note: I will be focused on talking about travel blog but what you will read applies to any business on the internet.

What is a Travel Blog? | MacroTraveller

For many a blog is just that space where they can write stories and anecdotes about the topic that they are most passionate about. Some will talk about tech, lifestyle, fashion, other cooking, personal finance, how to fix things from home and a few, like me, talk about travel.But a blog is much more than a space to express our ideas, and a blog is a complete platform that allows its creator to display a message far beyond the stories, in my case I intend to inspire you to travel.

Taking the theme of travel, imagine the following: You’ll take a National Geographic magazine, a Lonely Planet guide, a Hollywood travel movie, a Jules Verne book and travel stories, a “step by step” guide, the advice of a good friend and a spectacular ad. You will enter all these elements in a blender, and the result is a travel blog.

A travel blog is not a travel guide but you will find advice on what to do in a city. It will not be your closest friend, but it will give you the best information to visit in a place as if you had known you all your life. It is not a travel novel, but it tells stories that excite and entertain. It is not a Hollywood movie, but sometimes you will see unique and amazing videos. It is not National Geographic, but our photos will leave you breathless. It is not a spectacular advertisement, but we will make recommendations for products and services that we have used.Myths about Making Money with a Travel Blog | #MacroTravellerTips

Myth #1 of making money with a travel blog: It’s Easy!

The internet has made entry barriers have been reduced or virtually eliminated, but that has only caused one thing: competition has increased.

The substantial difference between a digital business and a physical one is that while in your physical activity you compete only with other companies in your city, on the internet you are competing with the whole world.

Anyone can set up a blog and start writing, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to do it, that you are good or that you manage to get out of the rest.

Myth #2 of making money with a travel blog: You don’t Need Investment!

Lie! To transform your blog into a business you will need investment, it will be less than a traditional business, but you will need it. If you have the idea of ​​starting a blog, you need to consider, what do you want a blog for?

Are you going to treat it as a medium in which to occasionally write your personal stories? Or are you going to treat it like a business?

If you treat it as a business doesn’t mean that you don’t write personal stories or vice versa, what matters is the mentality with which you start. People who want to treat your blog as a business will have to make several small investments. Personally, I have been able to start a physical activity and some digital, without a doubt the investment of starting a business on the Internet is much smaller but necessary.You can start your blog for free within the many platforms that exist, but if you want to start treating it as a business, you will have to invest at the beginning, at least it is a hosting, domain and design.

If you would like to have a blog exactly how you are reading, the minimum you would have to invest in would be:

Hosting, it costs you 10 USD per month

Domain(the name of your blog) is USD 12 per year

Design– It is not necessary to hire a designer, but if you need at least to buy a design template for your blog. The one I use and recommend is Jannah (it is the WordPress most sold template in the world for its versatility, it is without a doubt impressive, you can buy them for 60 USD).

If you want to make your blog a business, treat it as such from the beginning and invest in it. The difference between the blogs that invest in your business and those that are not abysmal, and the companies that you could get to work with know this.

It is true that other free blogs are generating money, but the amount of money you will get is directly related to the investment you will make in time, effort and money.

A blog is not the fastest way to get there. A blog if you can generate passive income, in fact, it is one of the ways to make money with a blog, but to reach that point requires a huge amount of previous work.

You dedicate the time you want | MacroTraveller

Not by the fact of being able to decide how much time you spend means that you can leave it forgotten. You will have to dedicate time if you want to see it grow. Its growth will perhaps be slower compared to if you commit it full time but it does not mean that it does not increase.

There will come the point where the blog has taken the necessary traction to require less and less time on your part, or you generate the required income to hire virtual assistants that support you in specific tasks and to use that free time in what you want.

If you have reached this point, I think you already understand better the realities of having a travel blog but if you still do not know the “how” here I will give you some examples of the possibilities you have of how you can make money with a blog travels.

How Can You Make Money with a Travel Blog?

Advertising– The first source of income for most blogs is through advertising. Google Adsense is the largest but not necessarily the best paid, and there are other networks of advertisers that will help you place more effective ads on your blog.

The disadvantage of this option is that you require large amounts of traffic and a lot of experimentation on where to place your ads to see a considerable income. A better choice would be for you to contact the companies to sell your advertising space.

Affiliates– As a blogger with an audience you become a voice for the people and would like to share your experience of using products and services that you have loved, many companies offer the option of affiliates, that is, you earn a commission for each sale that you refer to these recommended products

It is effortless to do, and I know hundreds of bloggers who live on this. This is perhaps what Kiyosaki meant by passive income applied to the internet. Once again, you need a lot of quality traffic to be profitable. The cost for the person who decides to buy or use the service you recommend is the same, but you get a small commission for it.

Own products– If you have a large audience, you may want to develop your products instead of recommending other people’s. You can design ebooks, manuals, video courses, tutorials, books, movies, songs, etc.

You must know your audience well and know what you want, but without a doubt this is perhaps the most profitable ways to monetize a blog and once again, you can put everything to work automatically without requiring you to be aware of everything time.

Training, Consulting, and Conferences– Your blog is a reflection of who you are and the work you do. If you want to make money with a travel blog, another way to do it is to sell these skills to other people through training, consulting and even conferences.

Sponsorships– When you start to gain exposure and audience many companies will come to work with you. They can help you sponsor your adventure in different ways, and some will be sponsored items, others will buy your pictures, sometimes they will pay you plane tickets or full trips.

The options are many and very diverse depending on each company.

Write articles– If you have already developed a skill and liking for writing, then you may want to exploit that skill to start earning additional money.

Some pages, companies or other bloggers are looking for writers to generate paid content for their own websites, and you can be one of them.

Physical products– Within the range of own products that you can offer, they do not necessarily have to be digital products; you can exploit the option of selling physical products. Books, ebooks, photographs, T-shirts, keychains, etc. Once again, discover that your audience is interested and look for ways to provide it through a physical product.

So, Can you make Money with a Travel Blog?

Yes, and these are just some of the many ways to make money with a blog, each of them requires exceptional effort and time to make it happen.

If you’re looking to make a quick buck, then I suggest you look elsewhere, although the internet has opened the possibilities and removed the borders a blog is not the way to make quick money, everything worthwhile requires time, effort and much sacrifice.

Finally, regardless of the way you choose to monetize or make money with your travel blog always put your readers first. They are the ones who have managed to get you where you are. Therefore they deserve your respect. Avoid recommending products, services or writing things that would challenge your reputation.



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