The Best Destinations to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

On Halloween the dead rise from their graves. It will not happen, but imagine if there was a worldwide zombie holocaust, what would be the perfect place to take refuge?

Based on the epic book World War Z considered one of the best in science fiction, and in Zombie, The Survival Guide, MacroTraveller creates a survival guide with the best destinations to take refuge for an invasion of the undead.

The Island Of Cuba!Because of its island condition, isolated and with a strict control of people, Cuba becomes the perfect and safe refuge in the Caribbean. And there’s nothing more comforting than starting from scratch after a grueling zombie escape. Take refuge in the lively streets of Old Havana, on a Varadero beach with a mojito, or in the green heart of the island with its new tobacco routes.

French Alps!

Extremely low temperatures freeze the zombies. The French Alps are the perfect getaway to protect yourself from the undead and to enjoy a great stay in the secluded wooden chalets in the middle of the mountains, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace and a tasty cheese fondue with a spectacular view of Mont Blanc.

Port of Santurtzi in Vizcaya!Port areas are the safest places during a zombie invasion. The warehouses usually have high windows, water supply, and fishing boats to escape if necessary. Santurtzi, one of the most beautiful fishing villages of the Basque Country, is the right place to start a new life enjoying the most famous sardines in the world.

The Castles of Highlands, Scotland!The Scottish Highland castles, with their imposing and sturdy walls, become excellent protections to resist a zombie attack. There are many castles that you can choose, but perhaps the most spectacular are: the Celtic Duvengan – an entire Celtic building, the old site of the McLeod and Beag clan. The castles Eilean Donan, known for appearing in the movie “The Immortals,” is strategically located at the confluence of the three fjords. The sure thing is that refuge in his castle with a malt whiskey in hand until the invasion of zombies becomes irrelevant.

Costa Rica Jungle!

High humidity and heat quickly destroy the zombies. Rainforests bring together all the conditions to survive: water, food, building materials, medicinal plants, fuel and instant camouflage. Costa Rica has one of the most extensive biodiversity on the planet, with more than 500,000 species, which represents 4% of the world’s biodiversity. The vast vegetation is full of infrastructures in the trees where you can live and take refuge without being discovered by the undead.



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