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Best hotel in Kuala Lumpur for Petronas Towers View: Traders Hotel

Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a 5-star hotel that offers a rooftop pool, a heated indoor pool and landscaped pools for its guests. Being a 34-story building, welcoming guests since 2006 the hotel presents modern architecture. The ultra-chic hotel is located in the tourist area within walking distance of museums, monuments and the tower. Located in the shopping district, the hotel is 4 km from the center of the city. Indeed KLCC park area, hotel facilities reasonably complete, is a right business place. While booking specifically asked for a Twin Towers view room!Try staring at the scenery out the window, trying to enjoy the scenery outside the window, towers, and fountains – when you open the curtains you’ll understand what I’m saying! Free WiFi, an extensive breakfast menu, and comfortable rooms are worth mentioning. The rooms were very spacious, friendly staff, that’s what I saw. The hotel room features a minibar, satellite TV, climate control, coffee/tea making facilities and a writing desk. They come with an electric kettle, a fridge, and a toaster as well as bathrooms with an open shower, a bidet, and a hairdryer.

Here’s a photo walk-through of the room I stayed in:

Decor relatively formal business style, warm colors! Breakfast is very rich, freshly squeezed fruit pretty cool, very popular. Excellent after eating breakfast, you can enjoy a day with soft drinks, tea, and coffee, followed by afternoon tea, and then you can enjoy a cocktail with snacks, wine and dine these rates in the whole package. The rooftop pool is excellent, and there is a clean bar. It is worth a look. Sky Bar to see the more beautiful scenery, lively weekend special. As well as the roof of the hotel Sky Bar is also great design sense, and you can see the twin towers, it is worth in the evening to sit out. Right pool size, I like to swim in the morning.

The hotel has two restaurants, Gobo Chit Chat restaurant and Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill, before dinner buffet is also a major home-cooked food, behind these super delicious steaks. There are two restaurants, a buffet-style restaurant, and a barbecue restaurant.

The restaurant offers buffet breakfast. Whether it is breakfast or breakfast type of food is very rich, and they are all fresh, color, flavor and taste. This style of the restaurant very much like airport lounges, I really like. However, there is a very bright light on the ceiling. The restaurant’s dishes are not the same every day. I really love sushi, but also very happy every day to see different kinds of sushi rolls!

Barbecue restaurant is tranquil and exceptional. This is a veritable paradise for meat, including all meat lunch time here.

Breakfast options include the price is worth it. When you sign on the fifth floor, someone takes you to the table, and there is a whole pot of coffee. Food choices are very spectacular, everything you think of, plus sushi, dim sum, and Malaysian cuisine.  You can also visit Suria KLCC shopping center, but to be honest, only a five-minute walk away, and you can reach indoor walking – when you get to the city center of Kuala Lumpur, just take the escalator down, rest of the way to continue to take the subway. There is a grocery store in the basement; you can eat snacks and a variety of restaurants, plus a food court, food cheap. From here you can connect to the Petronas Twin Towers (book tickets in advance!) and Kuala Lumpur City Center Station Rapid KL subway line, and then on to Sentral. I hope to return to Kuala Lumpur again, will indeed be re-booking Traders Hotel, it is one of the best hotels I have stayed in. Traders Hotel is a first class hotel, I’d love to come back.



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  1. Traders hotel Kuala, Lumpur from the awesome images on this review seem an amazing place to stay in,luxurious rooms and well equipped plus rich and fleshly made breakfast and nice food choices. It worth the money spent.

  2. I do not know if which is more spectacular the tower view at night or at the evening? One thing is sure dude, you are having a time of your life. Wow!!!

  3. Wow, what a dream place! Even the fruit looks absolutely perfect! But what I craved the most from here were these spring rolls… OMG, they look fantastic!

  4. Breath-taking photos here,I love very rich and freshly made breakfast and other dishes and that’s what traders hotel offers which will make guests keep coming back.Beautiful rooms and environment.I like it.

  5. the view is quite amazing, and the varieties of breakfast meals are fascinating and definitely a beautiful hotel that will give a customer a grand experience.

  6. Considering i am a foody. i totally would visit that hotel! the view, the food, the rooms and not to mention the mini-bar. lovely just lovely.

  7. Looks like you found the perfect hotel not only for a business trip but for a holiday too! The twin towers look absolutely amazing! You were lucky to wake up to that in the mornings. Thanks for the write up. Will definitely check out the hotel if ever I’m in the area.

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