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My week was quite hectic – I had to complete a ton of work that I’d side-lined for later, and absolutely needed to get it done this time. After working myself to the bone on Friday, I slept off early with no clue as to what I might do over the weekend. As a travel buff, the idea of me spending my weekend at home irked me to no end, but by the time I woke up on Saturday and decided to travel for a week’s time, the flight tickets were way too expensive to book something on-the-go.

For a moment, I was stumped. I thought my options had been limited from the get-go. I sat down, dejected by the fact that I was about to spend a weekend that wouldn’t be blog-worthy…that is,until I suddenly remembered that I had to avail a ticket from my #AxisVistaraCard. Suddenly, I had the option to travel in style – and that too, for free!


After touching down in Bombay and booking a cab to this location, the first thing that I noticed was that the place was incredibly serene. A perfect combination of scenic hills, expansive lakes, and dense forests contributed to an incredible visual experience. Camping in such a stunning locale was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I rued the day when I had to begrudgingly go back to the urban sprawl of Bangalore after spending a day in the lap of nature.

The experience above was enriching and enlightening, showcasing exactly what the card could provide me if I used this service to its fullest. I can’t wait for the wealth of adventures that this card will provide me with – and this time, I’ll surely plan out my weekend beforehand!



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