You Can Now Make Your Own Customized Chocolate Cup & Name It Too

Fabelle, the luxury chocolate brand from ITC Foods continues to generate ripples with their innovative approach to engaging consumers. Taking personalized chocolate experiences to the next level; Fabelle has launched their ‘As You Name It Campaign.’ An extension of their premium offering – ‘As You Like It’ personalized chocolate cups, Fabelle’s ‘As You Name It’ campaign creates chocolate history by giving chocolate lovers a chance to create their unique chocolate cup and also name it after themselves as well.

So head to any Fabelle boutique at the ITC luxury hotel near you, ask for their ‘As You Like It’ cups, make your customized masterpiece, name them for yourself & your loved ones and be a part of the chocolate legacy!

It’s All in the Name – It’s well worth the HYPE! Participate in making their own luxury chocolate experience and personalize them, making it a chocolate lover’s paradise!

Personalization is the extraordinary code of luxury and what makes the brand a leader in the luxury chocolate industry is that it presents a participative & an immersive experience to the discerning our consumer. Fabelle has redefined the art of personalized, luxury chocolates in India by bringing forward a unique multi sensorial experience.

A dream comes true for all the chocolate fanatics! Elicit the chocolatier in you and craft your personalized chocolate cup. Start with choosing from their milk and dark cups and move on to picking from seven delicious fillings including dark, milk and white chocolates along with dark almond choco crème, dark mint choco crème, berries and caramel to cup it up. Rhapsodizing? I don’t blame you! These mouth-watering decadent chocolates are perfect for gifting your siblings and friends.

Who’s On The Wall Of Fame With #MacroTraveller?

Harsha Bhogle, Rajat Kapoor, Dipika Pallikal and the three Miss India winners 2017 Manushi Chhillar, Sana Dua and Priyanka Kumari, have already got their names on their beautiful yet delicious personalized chocolate cups. I suggest you should rush too because there are only a few cups left for grabs to go on that wall of fame.

Harsha Bhogle, Indian Cricket Commentator & Journalist – The concept of creating your own, personalized chocolate and naming it as well is an experience that is truly one of a kind. Participative, immersive and highly engaging, the ‘As You Name It’ campaign by Fabelle creates chocolate history, making my innings at the boutique one of my most memorable ones so far.

Rajat Kapoor, Actor, Writer & Director – Each Fabelle product is so uniquely crafted that it’s a masterpiece on its own. The ‘As You Name It’ initiative by the brand leaves a legacy in the world of chocolates. Fabelle’s personalized chocolate cups are a celebration of individual taste and utmost luxury. Besides, the opportunity of naming a chocolate cup is something that no one has done before!

Dipika Pallikal, India’s Finest Squash Player – As You Like It’ is a unique experience I have ever had. Being a chocolate loyalist, I never settle for anything, but the best and Fabelle’s personalized chocolate cups that can be made in three simple steps did not disappoint. The layers and the intricacy of flavors create an experience unlike any other.

To experience luxury like never before first hand, visit a Fabelle Chocolate Boutique at select ITC Luxury Hotels – Delhi (ITC Maurya), Bangalore (ITC Gardenia & Windsor), Chennai (ITC Chola), Mumbai (ITC Maratha & Grand Central) & Kolkata (ITC Sonar).



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