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Celebrating 15 Glorious Years of ITC Sonar in City Of Joy

The royal lifestyles of erstwhile Bengali nobility – It’s raining crystal—the skies have opened up showering the Luxury Business Resort with crystal droplets. The lilies in ITC Sonar water garden look like jeweled flowers. Their fish flick their golden tails in the crystal waters. Paying tribute to the beauty of Bengal, ITC Sonar is built as a Baganbari with tranquil fish-filled water bodies.

I can’t believe that it has been 15 years already! ITC Sonar exhibits the grandeur of old Bengal, enticing inspiration from the Pala rulers, noted for their art and tasteful architecture. Striking statuary and fragrant centerpieces set the ambiance, the moment you walk through the door, reminiscent of warm Bengali hospitality.

#MacroTraveller was happy to be part of the crystal celebration!The doormen at ITC in their distinctive attire warmly welcomed MacroTraveller on arrival, as the coconut and bamboo trees were rustling in the breeze. There are few other hotels in the world whose names have become virtually synonymous with the cities in which they are located. I need to say ITC Sonar has changed the landscape of Kolkata, setting a benchmark for others to follow. It’s created on the ethos of a Baganbari, garden homes of Bengal’s nobility; ITC Sonar encapsulates the warm hospitality of this region, graciously delivering on ITC Hotels’ philosophy of Responsible Luxury.ITC Sonar – LUXURIOUS DINING FOR 15 YEARS!

They are passionate about the relationship between cuisine and wellness. Proper nourishment engages every aspect of our being—physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual. Fine dining has characterized ITC Sonar since its inception, an exceptional repertoire of culinary excellence, blending the best of local culture and cuisine with dishes from around the world. From the robust flavors of the North West Frontier and the refined pleasures of royal Indian traditions, to delicious flavors from the West and the Far East, all paired with an extensive collection of premium beverages. Entice your taste buds as we walk into corridors and take in the aromas wafting from the kitchens.Here’s a glimpse of how I spent my time at ITC Sonar. ITC Sonar beckons you to a leisurely unhurried experience of the good things in life. Enroll in a uniquely designed signature program that offers exclusive insights into the meaning of culinary excellence. I could savor the gift of time and celebrated moments of togetherness. It was the sparkling celebration with set menu encapsulating the flavors of ITC Sonar’s signature kitchens. Comprising treasured recipes, local ingredients, and unique flavors.

15 Years of Peshawari!

It was nice to see Peshawari at ITC Sonar roll back prices to when it started in 2002 which is 1/3rd of the costs of the present day. There was Sikandari Raan, divine Murgh Malai Kebab, succulent Tandoori Phool, world-renowned Dal Bukhara and more. I enjoyed all the vegetarian dishes, and it was delicious.

Note: Dal Bukhara, which is cooked for 18 hours, is the longest cooked lentil in the world. I visited ITC Sonar’s relaunched at Eden Pavilion. Honoring Kolkata’s iconic dishes under one roof, to enjoy colonial and traditional favorites. Also, experience a choice of delicacies from across the world, special kids’ station, live grill counter and an array of cold, hot buffets, which create a memorable experience. All this, accompanied by live music. Pearl Millet, Amaranth, and Coconut Milk Custard were right. Red Rice Pancakes, Cornmeal Waffle Benedict, Buckwheat Cinnamon Roll French Toast, and Cold Pressed Juice Blends were other unique items. Eden Pavilion is the ideal place for round-the-clock dining in Kolkata. Then toured Pan Asian, it gourmets of Kolkata a wide range of authentic tastes and specialties like Peking Duck, Dim Sums, and a Sushi counter. Additionally savor delicacies from across East Asia – Japan, Thailand, Korea and China. And let the live music enhance your mood. I Tried Once Again | As You Like It at Fabelle Chocolate Boutique!

The ultimate luxury experience to handcrafted chocolate creations that activates our senses like never before. I never miss these chances and personalized cup creations. Master Chocolatiers combine excellent chocolate with exotic ingredients to create a symphony of exquisite tastes, textures, and aromas for the unique Fabelle experience. We can choose from a range of exquisite boxed chocolates comprising Elements, handcrafted pralines, Ganache, melt-in-the-mouth chocolates.


We deserve pampering. That’s why ITC Sonar offers us the indulgence of a getaway in the heart of the city, and there are so many experiences to treasure at Kolkata’s Luxury Business Resort. Whether enjoying a special dinner or taking part in one of their unique activities, they provide countless ways to make our experiences memorable.

Rejuvenating Us For 15 Years!

Kaya Kalp – The Spa at ITC Sonar draws its inspiration from the tranquillity of their lily-laden water gardens. Elegantly refined, the flower is an inspiring symbol of revitalization. Combining this with the traditions of India’s beauty rituals, The Spa at ITC Sonar offers complete rejuvenation to those who wander through its doors. International therapies and treatments complement the experience. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Crystal Anniversary Celebration!

Apart from the world-class infrastructure and exceptional restaurants, I was delighted to see the hotel maintain its warmth and hospitality. You have to stay in ITC Sonar to experience genuine hospitality. The smiles and ever-ready help go a long way in making our stay comfy. The hotel staff would do everything in their aptitude to make our stay comfortable and luxurious. Services don’t need to be elaborated upon; it’s a premium property of ITC! #MacroTraveller would surely make a lot of trips to this hotel in my future visit to Kolkata. I would recommend my buddies and colleagues to stay in ITC Sonar only when here in Kolkata.

Happy 15th-anniversary ITC Sonar! Hurray! Many More To Come 



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  1. Wow,it really enticing.I love this,15 years of exhibiting art and tasteful architecture,.ITC Sonar looks cool.great that you were part of the celebration.

  2. WOW! Food looks incredible and the descriptive pictures of the hotels there as well as the sites are incredible. This city is one of the cities I’ll visit some day.

  3. That was great, 15 years gone by already it worth celebrating. The ITC Sonar looks amazing, a great pampering place for guests. I like how it built with tranquil-fish filled water bodies.

  4. ITC Sonar looks like it is a hotel for royalty. I would like to spend a weekend here. Thanks for the great pictures.

  5. Glad you had a great time celebrating their grad crystal anniversary. More power ITC Sonar. I will now include this in my bucketlist.

  6. This is simply fascinating. ITC Sonar looks like a paradise to be honest and looks luxurious and amazingly beautiful. The first thing that caught my eyes was the pond with the fish. So beautiful. The pictures of those dishes looks really tasty and it is making me hungry. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us.

  7. OMG these pictures are so amazing! Specially the first one, I was totally astonished! And now I’m craving many of the foods you showed, specially this french toast with cinnamon…

  8. ITC sonar looks very impresive, I like how they combine style and nature in the same place. looks very green and I’d love to visit it one day

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