Celebrating National Tourism Day in India on 25th Jan

So today is January 25th, the day that is commemorated as the National Tourism Day. But why and what is the need to, you may ask? India is a vast nation, and it has a lot to offer as far as tourism is concerned. The day Indian Tourism Day is celebrated on 25th January. The day aims to increase awareness about Indian tourism through offering a variety of activities. As in the tourism industry, Cultural Heritage Tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in the world and India is very rich in its Cultural Heritage.

India for sure playing a volumetric role in contributing to the overall flourishing and sustainability of destinations and as well as local communities by creating direct and indirect jobs, so that they can run their small business based on tourism. It helps not only to local people to increase their economy but also in bringing people of different cultures and regions and languages to meet and enhance their mutual understanding.

Objectives and Importance of Tourism Day

1) Promoting India as a tourist destination : India has a vast number of modern and ancient wonders, which will attract the eyes of tourists. The climatic and geographical uniqueness of each state is another attraction. The celebration of Tourism Day will highlight all these aspects perfectly.

2) Generating employment opportunities  With the advancement of tourism in India, various job opportunities will also increase. In the recent times, a hike in the tourism industry has brought up the employment in this sector by 24 million.

3) Increasing the national GDP : With the recognition of Tourism Day, the government wants to encourage more inflow of foreign travelers into the nation. It will also add to the national GDP. Tourism is the second highest contributor in this respect.

4) Earning foreign currency : When more foreigners come to visit India, the nation will get an ample amount of international revenue. Tourism follows export carefully in this respect. More foreign revenue will mean further prosperity for the country.

5) Ensuring protection of tourist sites : The inflow of national and international tourists will urge the central and state government to invest time and effort in the upkeep and protection of famous tourist sites. It will not only encourage tourist inflow in the future but will also save the cultural from denudation.


We the Indians are people who believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava” that means we always welcome our guests and treat them like God. So, we collectively as the country become the destination of tourism. Our state to cherish its beauty and to commemorate its gratefulness announced a day in January as India Tourism Day.

Thus, it is easy to see why the Indian government is putting so much stress on the promotion of India and all its states as a premium tourist destination. The central government has launched programs like “Incredible India” that highlights the entire nation, while the state government of each state is also doing its part to uphold the specialties that each region has to offer.



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