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Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) also known as Changi Airport located in Changi, a mere 20km from CBD Singapore is one of the busiest airports. Rated best International Airport for seven consecutive years from 2013, Changi Airport is one of home base for several international airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, Scoot, Jet star etc. One of 19th busy airport in terms of passenger footfall this is also the busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic.

Started operating in the year 1981 this airport currently has 4 terminals which are capable of handling over 60million passengers. With its huge footfalls, this airport caters as a hub to over 100 airlines flying to around 100 countries which makes it one of busiest airports. It has won several awards and accolades for many years.

With its constant improvement and developments, Changi Airport is one that keeps its visitors excited with its varied options to spend inside Changi during layovers. With its in-house entertainment facility available in its terminals Changi does make you sure that you enjoy its beauty whilst you are waiting for your connecting flight or before you board your flight.

  • Butterfly Garden

There is an in-house Butterfly Garden situated in Terminal 2 of Changi where there are over 1000’s of butterfly of over 40 different species. Free for all passengers, Butterfly garden also has an educational tour of enclosures, breeding and life cycle of butterflies. There is a 6m waterfall located in this garden where you can enjoy a beautiful man-made creation and take a picture or 2.

  • Koi Pond and Orchid Garden.

Being one of costliest aquatic animal, Koi fish. Changi Airport offers a free tour of Koi Pond and Orchid Garden where you enjoy the beauty of nature with over 30 species of Orchid and a suspended bridge where below the bridge you would notice Koi Fish. Enjoy this silent layover in midst of nature created inside Terminal 2 of Changi Airport.

  • Enchanted Garden

T2 or Terminal 2 has various places of attractions, Enchanted Garden is one of them where you would wander through an artificial motion sensor gardens which makes the sound of the wind, flowers bloom when you walk past by. These LED Lights on flowers would be spectacular when they just bloom and it’s magical.

  • Movie Theater

T2 and T3 have a dedicated place for the movie theatre where if you want to spend your layover watching a movie then this is a place to be. With its latest blockbuster movies on its film screen, these movie theatre is a chilled place to be. Sip down a soda with popcorn and watch a movie while you wait for your long layover of flight.

  • Sunflower Garden

Situated on the roof of T2 and probably one of the most visited spots as you can take perfect pictures of over 500 sunflower patches and with airplanes in the background. You can keep a count of how many airplanes land, get taxied and takes off while you enjoy the view from this point. This spot is where you can get your daily dose of sunshine. There is a similar kind of Garden in T1 called Lotus Garden.

  • Cactus Garden.

Similar to Lotus, Sunflower garden there is a cactus garden situated in Changi. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and explore these thorny plants and with over 100 different species of Cacti, this place makes you feel that you are in the midst of the desert.

  • Social Tree

This interactive tree which is over 9m long is part of Changi where you can attach your digital photo and be a part of visitor list of Changi. Situated in T1 this tree is easily noticeable.

  • City tours.

    If you are having a layover in Singapore of over 5-6 hrs fret not as Changi Airport offers free city tours of 2-2.5hrs each. You need to register for the tour beforehand and it offers two kinds of tours.

  1. The Heritage Tour: Takes you to old by-lanes of Singapore to places such as Chinatown, Little India and a short stopover at Merlion Park where you can take a photo. Scheduled 4 times in a day 09:00,11:30,14:30 and 15:30 hrs registration closed 1 hr before scheduled departure.
  2. B) The City Sights tour: Takes you to modern Singapore where you can see Merlion Park, Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and a short stopover at Gardens By the Bay this tour is scheduled for perfect time that is around 18:00 and 19:00hrs where you can witness beauty of modern Singapore with its bright lights.

9 )Shopping and Kids Adventure activity.

In T2 and T3 there are various shopping, dining and kids play area where you can try out various cuisines, designer wears and also let your children enjoy their layover time spending playing around in kids play area. Have a quick grab of food or have a scrumptious meal this place makes your tummy full of delicious meals. You can shop with over 350 retailers where you can shop for duty-free prices. If you are not a fan of shopping you can always order them online at and collect once you arrive at your terminal.

One of the latest additions to the things to do in Changi is Jewel, opened in March 2019 this architectural marvel is located in T1 of Changi Airport. This place has the world’s highest indoor waterfall called HSBC Rain Vortex which is functional 24×7, a forest trail where you feel like trekking with its 2000+ trees and shrubs this place is a true architectural marvel. There is an indoor forest with a canopy bridge and sky net where you can enjoy this marvel and also get in your shoe for fun-filled activity. There are various restaurants situated in Jewel where you can get your hands on a number of Michelin Star restaurants to good old cafes. From Ramen to Burgers, from fries to coke you can get everything here at Changi’s new go-to place.

As far as #macrotraveller knows Singapore is planning to open Terminal 5 (T5) in mid-2030 where there might be an inflow of many more passengers.



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  3. Changi Airport is one that keeps its visitors excited with its varied options to spend inside Changi during layovers. With this, there is no dull moments at the airport! Thanks for sharing ?

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  9. First time I saw this before I was like, Is this an airport or a museum? Really it is one of the most beautiful thing I have seen. You wont get bored because you can always go to other sections.

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