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Salzburg is more than the city of Mozart and the Festivals. Following the thread of my special trip, I have prepared some fascinating places and attractions that you can get to know from Salzburg, Austria. But what are the best tourist places in Salzburg? Discover everything you cannot miss: Historic palaces, dreamy natural landscapes surrounded by crystalline lakes, charming villages and nature reserves. Check the list below!

1) The Mirabell Palace

The Mirabell Palace is a historic building in the city of Salzburg, Austria. The palace with its gardens is listed as a monument of the local cultural heritage and part of the historic centre of the city of Salzburg recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a fantastic place, because the combination of its historic gardens, together with the beautiful sculptures built there, along with the excellent and well-preserved architecture of the palace, makes this a perfect place. An essential place if you travel to Salzburg, it is not in vain this is one of the destinations most demanded by tourists who travel to this beautiful city.

2) The Fortress of Hohensalzburg  

The Fortress of Hohensalzburg is a characteristic monument of the city of Salzburg. Its construction dates from the years of 1077 under the Prince-Archbishop Gebhard von Helffenstein. It was extended and reinforced with towers, bastions, walls, and trenches until the seventeenth century. In all the walls of the fortress, you can see its symbol: that of a beet. Mandatory visit if you go to the city of Salzburg. It is more than a historic and huge castle, and it is a whole mini city. It has an audio guide, where they teach those who visit some of the interior parts of it. Inside there are several museums, shops, and even a restaurant. From the fort, you get lovely views of the city. In short, a magnificent place.

3) Getreidegasse Street

Getreidegasse Street is the most well-known street in all of Salzburg, and it is a shopping street in the old town of Salzburg, Austria. On this street, the famous composer-musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born and lived there until he was 17 years old. The street has shops with wrought iron signs, and they have their origin in the Middle Ages, at that time many people were illiterate and needed to be guided by a more visual sign language. This street stands out for its many galleries and interior patios. It is usual to see large numbers of people in it, a combination of tourists and local citizens travelling through it.

4) The Plaza de la Residencia 

The Residency Square or Residenzplatz is a giant, imposing public square located in the heart of the historic centre of Salzburg, Austria. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Salzburg. In this square of the old town, there are two palaces of bishops, and it has become a favourite place for concerts, sporting events, and celebrations. The strong point of the square is the distinguished Residenzbrunnen (source of the residence). This is the largest fountain in Salzburg, and you can recognize it as background in scenes from the movie “Smiles and tears.” The complex sculptures of horses, dolphins and the atlas are the work of the Italian artist, Tomasso di Garone. This is a great place to stop and relax and join the groups of tourists taking pictures of the famous fountain and the surrounding buildings.

5) The Cathedral of Salzburg 

The cathedral of Salzburg, is a baroque church of the seventeenth century, located in the centre of the so-called old city, was designed at the eaves of the Italian style. It is consecrated to Saint Ruperto of Salzburg, founder of the town. The Salzburg Cathedral (Salzburger Dom) is famous for its long and dramatic history. Mozart was baptized here and would later become the organist of the cathedral. One of the most outstanding features of the cathedral is its dome. Upon entering, look for the two rows of frescoes by the painter Donato Mascagni of Florence, representing scenes from the Old Testament. From here you can walk to the main points of interest in the city, including the Residenz square. A place visited by tourists and locals, due to its extensive history and for being a representative site of the city.

6- Lake Fuschl 

Lake Fuschl is a calm and picturesque lake at the gates of Salzburg. It is the only lake in the Salzkammergut district that is entirely in the county of Salzburg, which makes it one of the county’s biggest attractions. The visibility underwater of up to 6 meters deep and high temperature make this destination a pleasure in every way. Since the 19th century, Lake Fuschl has been a popular spa and holiday destination for hiking. Nowadays, Fuschl (the only village on the shores of the lake) is a prosperous place, with numerous hotels and international headquarters of the famous Red Bull energy drink. The crystal-clear waters of the lake and the enchanting landscape have inspired many painters and poets.

7) Hallstatt

Hallstatt is a town in the mountainous district of Salzkammergut, in Austria. Hallstatt is a unique place in Austria. It is a village located in a beautiful spot, surrounded by mountains and built next to the lake of the same name (Hallstätter). The place has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is advisable to walk through the town and get lost in its narrow streets, seeing its picturesque houses and churches. In summary, it is a beautiful place, perfect for relaxing and that should be a must in any trip to Austria.

8) The Kaiservilla 

The Kaiservilla, located in Bad Ischl, Upper Austria, was the former summer residence of the Austro-Hungarian imperial family, famous for being the place where Emperor Franz Joseph I met his future wife, the famous Empress Elisabeth, better known as Sissi. The villa is surrounded by a large and beautiful English-style park and the marble castle that houses the photographic section of the regional museums of Lower Austria since 1978.

9) St. Wolfgang

St. Wolfgang is a market town in central Austria, in the Salzkammergut region, Upper Austria. St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut occupies a brilliant position in the cultural history of the state of Upper Austria. The community is located at the foot of the famous Schafberg mountain at the northern end of the great Wolfgangsee lake, through which the border between Salzburg and Upper Austria passes. The town owes its name to Saint Wolfgang who sought refuge in the area more than 1000 years ago. St. Wolfgang grew steadily in the small, prosperous place that essentially remains, obtaining the privilege of having its market in 1567 and becoming a centre of pilgrimage, to finally become a tourist place in the 19th century.

A great attraction in the town is the Pfarrkirche (Parochial Church). It is said that it rests in the same place where St. Wolfgang built a hermitage. In the church, you can see an impressive altarpiece by Michael Pacher (a famous Tyrolean craftsman) dating from 1481. It is richly adorned with paintings on wood and figures carved with dexterity. In the main panel, the Coronation of the Virgin is represented. In the church tower, there is a museum, but the visits are partially restricted and can be arranged with an appointment.

I hope you enjoyed it, if you think that one of the best tourist places in Salzburg has been forgotten in this note, do not hesitate to comment in the box below.



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