Cities that Every Instagrammer Must Visit Once in a Lifetime

Do you define yourself as an Instagrammer? Before stepping on your destination, you have already thought how, where and with what look are you going to take the photos? These are the seven cities that you must visit at least once in your life. You will not regret!

In a planet full of wonders like ours, it is easy to find beauty in every corner. Therefore, any city seems perfect for a good photo shoot, as we see most of the landscapes. Capture how light affects a certain place depending on the weather and the time of day, capture the life of a site and, of course, keep a perfect memory of that trip that we had been waiting for so much and that has been so special and so important for us.

But the truth is that some cities have some of the most desired scenarios by Instagrammers around the world. Cities that you should visit if you also dream of having your profile of this social network touching perfection. Although we recommend that you make all the trips you can to all the destinations that are placed in front of you, these seven cities have to appear on your to-do list yes or yes.

New York

We could not do anything but start with the city par excellence. New York, with its Empire State Building, Times Square, the viewpoint of The Top of the Rock, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and very long etcetera is the dream of every instagramer come true. At every corner, on every street, in every cafeteria, and in every building you will find a perfect setting to take your skills as a photographer or model.


Other cities that look like a work of art in themselves, which we could often think of as having been designed precisely to become the protagonists of eternal and beautiful photo shoots in Paris. Only with the Eiffel Tower would we have for a while, but it is not the only attraction. Its streets trap, as well as its main tourist attractions.


We continue with big names that do not surprise. And is that in any list of pending trips should be these. London is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Despite its chaos, the elegance of its architecture transmits a special peace. Besides, it has world-famous scenarios such as Big Ben, Little Venice, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye or Tower Bridge.


That trio of gold is joined by the one known as the eternal city. Rome also has a special charm, a general beauty. Not only the best-known corners, such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain or the Trevi Square surprise with their beauty, but also the most hidden streets of the city. With that taste, all instagramer finds in it a kind of earthly paradise.

Abu Dhabi 

Leaving the most typical and traditional proposals, in the list of pending destinations of any instagramer should appear a Middle Eastern city, to be able to be close to a desert. Abu Dhabi is, perhaps, the perfect place. And in addition to being spectacular for its modernity, it has one of the most beautiful mosques in the world and a spectacular desert in which the photos will be from another world.


Of course, Russia is another place that everyone should visit, including photography lovers. Although any of its main cities would serve us, we are left with Moscow, with its Red Square and its imposing architecture, in which color is the protagonist. If you also have the courage to travel there in winter, your Instagram will be the envy of the entire planet.


Last but not least, we could not miss one of the most beautiful cities. Barcelona has become one of the most admired tourist destinations internationally, also for lovers of photography. In Barcelona, you will find unique settings, full of art, contrasts and that particular beauty that characterizes it.





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