Classic Coffees launches its Range of New Blends!

Classic Coffees, a masterpiece coffee company, has launched its range of new blends, designed to magnify the reach and appeal of gourmet refreshments through an innovatively created set of products. Classic Coffees has inaugurated its new range of everyday coffee.

Classic Coffee launched in four variants — Blaze, Matinee, Sundowner and Afterhours. Each quirky blend caters to different taste profiles and lifestyle conditions according to the time of consumption during the day. This new range of Classic Coffees, grouped under its “Premium” range of products!

The blends in the range are:

Blaze, which is a blend best suited for the morning. The blaze has been blended to create a heavy-bodied brew, intense and malty with a creamy, rich mouth feel. The blaze has been crafted to assist in creating the morning kick with a nutty fragrance and pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

Matinee is the afternoon blend in the range. Its tasting notes indicate a mix of spice and sweet citrus acidity with hints of mild berry. Matinee has smooth mouth feel and a light body and has designed as a perk-me-up brew.

Sundowner is the evening offering of the range and has been crafted from a blend to enjoy with company. It has fresh notes with hints of sweet milk chocolate, rich mouth feel, which creates the ideal, mild better, aftertaste to act as a precursor to dinner.

The final variety is Afterhours, a night blend which has been carefully curated to soothe and help one wind down. It is a soft and flavourful cup which has hints of spice and pleasant citrus to create a smooth body. As with the other three blends are 100% Arabica, Afterhours is blended using Arabica Plantation AA beans.

Where to BUY?

Classic Coffees are available in diverse formats, including roast & ground and beans forms, at leading gourmet stores & premium select retail outlets such as Godrej Natures Basket, Westside Gourmet, Namdhari, Nilgiri, all the main airports in addition to e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Wind my wings and Place of origin.

In addition to cuing the time of day, the packaging contains ample information on best-suited equipment, tasting notes and other inputs to help the customer decide which blend to sample.

About Classic Coffees:

Classic Coffees is a leading company engaged in the cultivation, processing, export and retailing of fine gourmet coffees. The company’s plantation holdings viz. Harley Estate and Kalledevarapura Estate are renowned for producing some of the best coffees, consumed worldwide. Led and managed by fourth and fifth generation coffee planters. Currently, the company retails on Indian shelves through Classic Pride, a premium Arabica-Robusta blend, and Classic Mountain, a pure Arabica offering. Classic Coffees is one of the founder members of Specialty Coffee Association of India (SCAI), besides being a member of Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)



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