Clothes & accessories you should avoid at an Airport

When making a plane trip, you should be careful about what you are wearing. It may not be the most appropriate, and therefore, you have difficulties in passing the security check. MacroTraveller explains the most problematic clothes and accessories.

When traveling by plane, bet on wearing comfortable clothes and a few beads as possible. A wrong choice can bypass security alarm signals. If you do not want this to happen, pay attention!

Shorts or pants with many pockets!If among your clothes there are some pants of those that have many pockets, like the shorts, definitely do not put them on the day of the flight. Maybe you have left something metallic like a coin or a forgotten cigarette in a pocket, and that will raise the alarm.

Clothes too wide!Clothing that is too wide can draw attention to safety controls. Although it seems to be the ideal garment to wear during a flight, patching is more likely with garments in which it is easy to hide any type of object.

Hats and Caps!I return to the previous point. Any object in which you can hide something becomes suspicious. You will not need a hat on a plane, so you better take it off and carry it in your hand.

Metal accessories!Forget the bracelets, the necklaces and the metal watches. Most likely they will pit in the control and you have to remove them. Anyway, you can carry them perfectly in the suitcase and then put them when you get to your destination. The same thing happens with the belts: the metallic buckles will whistle in the safety bow. Do not take chances.


They are the allies when it comes to making impossible hairstyles, but if you are willing to make a trip by plane better keep them in the bag. This is because they can blow the security alarm and because they are so small. The guards will take a long time to find the origin of the beep and could delay your flight.

High heels or boots!Do not fail: If the shoes do not cover your ankle, you will be forced to pass the barefoot safety bow or with those booties on the feet that could well pass through doctor’s hats.

All these tips will help you pass the security filters faster and prevent the guards from taking you hours to review from head to toe.



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