Dare to try the Craziest Roller Coasters In The World?

It may sound strange to most people, but the truth is that there have been a large number of surveys and scientific studies that focus on why so many people are attracted to exciting and risky activities. An obvious answer is that some individuals are addicted to adrenaline, which is why many extreme sports have gained much popularity in recent decades. Another possible explanation is the freedom with which someone can act violently and vent, and perhaps this causes that millions of people from all over the world go to the amusement parks every year. That is why we have collected 9 of the best intense roller coasters ever created, all of them operating today so you can visit them at any time!

  1. Insanity, United States

Insanity The Ride is a truly fascinating experience. It is a huge mechanical arm that extends horizontally 19 meters, being held over the abyss of the Stratosphere Tower, in Las Vegas, at the height of 275 meters. This attraction begins to rotate on its axis as it raises its arms so that passengers experience speeds of up to three G’s while facing face to face with the vast precipice at a 70-degree angle. If you are brave enough to keep your eyes open, you will be rewarded with an impressive view of the historic center of Las Vegas.

  1. X-Scream, United States

Have you ever ridden on a gigantic rocker 263 meters above the ground? With X-Scream, you can do it. Besides, it is located precisely in the same building as the previous one, so you can try both without having to go to a park! Its simplistic design makes it different from any roller coaster ever seen, as it performs an “up and down” movement, propelling passengers over the incredible precipice of the Stratosphere Tower. Try not to scream when you are mounted, and you will not want to scare others! Once it extends outward, you will only be you and the abyss. There is no doubt that it is an experience in which you release a lot of adrenaline.

  1. Big Shot, United States

Although it is not the last attraction located in the Stratosphere Tower of which we have spoken so much in the two previous cases, there will be no more on our list. In this case, Big Shot is a free fall tower located on the roof of the huge building, so it is considered the highest attraction in the world. At its base, a platform is fitted with seats in which passengers prepare to be propelled 48 meters up at a speed of 67 km / h while getting beautiful views of the city, as long as you can keep your eyes open. Big Shot catapults 16 people to a total of 329 meters high at the top! Then, lower again, but before being able to take a breath, they are fired back up with a total of four “G” s of force, being negative when it comes back down.

  1. Beach Park, Brazil

At 16 kilometers from Fortaleza, Brazil, the stage is set for the highest water slide in the world, Insano. This was declared by the Guinness Book of Records with its 41 meters in height. Imagine lying on your back on top of a 14-story building. Then, when the signal is given, you simply slide down. The speed reached is 104 km/h so that you will reach the pool in just 4-5 seconds. The website of the water park warns that to ride on this slide, you will be about to experience one of the most extreme experiences of your life.

  1. Giant Canyon Swing, Colorado, United States

This is possibly the most intense and highest fixed attraction in the world, and is located in Glenwood Canyon, at an altitude of 396 meters above the Colorado River! If you are brave enough to open your eyes, the views will be impressive as you soar through the air at speeds of up to 80 km / h. In Giant Canyon Swing you can upload up to four passengers at a time so that you can share all that adrenaline with your friends. Do you dare to ride and endure the 60 seconds it lasts, generating great vertigo, movement of guts, trembling legs and adrenaline discharge?

  1. Takabisha, Japan

Takabisha is a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter type steel roller coaster located in the Fuji-Q-Highland theme park, in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan. It is famous for having an angle of fall of 121º of inclination, reason why it is the steepest roller coaster in the world. It has a total length of 1,000 meters, with an approximate duration of more than 2 and half minutes. Its overall height is 43 meters, and it has no less than seven inversions, reaching a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Its construction had a cost of 28.5 million dollars, and since its opening in 2011, it snatched the record to other famous roller coasters in the world.

  1. Fury 325, United States

It is a Giga steel roller coaster located at the Carowinds amusement park, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Made by Bolliger and Mabillard, it reaches a maximum height of 99 meters, which makes it the second highest and fastest Giga roller coaster in the world, and the sixth highest in general. During the trip, passengers reach speeds of up to 153 km / h, going through a selection of twists and turn very steep. Fury 325 was chosen as the best steel attraction at the 2016 Golden Tickets awards, ending the six-year streak of the Millennium Force. It cost 30 million dollars, and its steepest angle is 81 degrees, almost vertical.

  1. Millennium Force, Cedar Point, Ohio, USA

One of the most famous steel roller coasters in the world! In fact, it was opened in the year 2000, and Millennium Force broke all six world records, is the first attraction in creating a new category, the gig roller coaster. It exceeds 91 meters in height and is also the third longest in North America after The Beast and Fury 325. During its journey, it offers two tunnels, three turns on benches, and four hills. It reaches a maximum speed of 150 km / h, and since the year 2000, it has been voted number 1 ten consecutive years, and although there have been other modern roller coasters that have exceeded it in height and speed; it is still one of the most intense in the world.

  1. Shambhala, Port Aventura, Barcelona, Spain

It is a steel roller coaster type V-shaped hypercoaster that opened in 2015 and that sets three European records since its inauguration. It is the second highest roller coaster in Europe, with a total of 76 meters in height, having a drop of 78 meters. It was the fastest thanks to its 134 km / h of top speed, although it was surpassed this year by Red Force, in Ferrari Land. It has a total of 5 camelbacks, the lowest with a height of 7 floors, plus a speed-hill high speed, which is something new in the world of hypercoasters and shares with Leviathan. It has a length of one and a half kilometers and lasts 3 minutes.

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