Day 3 of Goafest 2018 Closes On A Magnificent Note

The third day of mega advertising event Goafest 2018 saw the industry get down to business with talks on advertising, creativity, and marketing.

The day took off with the Facebook head of the creative shop, APAC Rapha Vasconcellos, who talked about building meaningful social interactions and not just likes and comments. He mentioned that brands should focus on telling stories and the challenge is to use social media as a platform to build meaningful interactions. He went on to elaborate how brands are using various social media features to build these interactions and soon ‘stories’ as a feature will be bigger than people’s feeds. The jump from apps and platforms to stories has begun.

Vasconcellos also noted that groups are gaining momentum since people have found them to be meaningful. Whenever people need to take important decisions, it is these groups they turn to, some containing influencers. Brands can and do use these points of connections. He ended the session with the simple message, “The way to build to build your idea is to build it differently.”

Following the insightful session by Vasconcellos was the knowledge seminar by Forsman & Bodenfors art director Samuel Akesson who turned around the entire concept of advertising. Forsman & Bodenfors, an agency famous for its world-renowned and highly acclaimed campaigns like Volvo Trucks. The Epic Split and Nike #Breaking2, doesn’t have any hierarchy and works as a collaborative team. On how the unique agency functions, Akesson simply said, “What we do is ‘human’ mostly. Perhaps there’s a lack of humanity in advertising, which is why sometimes advertising is bad at making people feel anything.”

The day also saw India’s ace tennis player Sania Mirza talk about feminism, her journey and the need to buck up for a long battle since, even today, female athletes question their pay.

Then came Genius Steals co-founder Rosie Yakob who spoke about a range of topics from living as a traveller for the past five years, solving business problems creatively, breaking the myth of the lone genius, how to be a Scenius, feminism, breaking the gender pay-gap and a host of other topics. In her opinion, the first step in being a Scenius is mutual respect and appreciation, followed by other important aspects such as sharing knowledge, giving credit to all involved, seeking out the weird and the wild, etc. She spoke about brands such as Goldieblox which are breaking stereotypes and promoting young girls to take an early interest in technology.

Adolescent director Amelia Conway is a 15-year-old content creator who works on multi-million dollar projects with brands such as Netflix. Conway spoke about how with the advent of social media, the youth and gen Z had a choice to see the content they want. Speaking about content that works with the youth she said, “There’s a fine difference between content that is honest, and that’s not. Genuinity is very important to kids, youth and adolescents.” Most advertisers think that if they put millions of dollars on a clever idea, that some adults packed in a room admire, it will work for adolescents. But it doesn’t. What does work is content that is entertaining, empowering and that collaborates with them. She added that the idea that age or gender determines your capabilities has to be confronted to be changed.

The advertising sessions for Goafest 2018 were concluded by CJ K-Valley chief creative officer Wain Choi who discussed knowing consumers as human beings, a people-first technique for brands. Wain’s session was all about learning from experience as he shared bodies of work he had done for brands such as Samsung, Burger King, and Uniqlo. He spoke to the extent that technology for technology’s sake is meaningless, it should mean something for the consumer. Whether it knows your customers as people, solving problems for them or even using simple ideas for innovation, brands need to be more human.

Prasoon Joshi, who has been celebrated across India for his contribution to advertising, films and communications was felicitated with a special award at the Abbys on Day 3 of Goafest 2018. Recognizing his unparalleled contribution to the world of Indian media, the special awards is a reaffirmation of the advertising fraternity’s confidence that he will take the power of creativity further and make it a part of the things that matter in a new and resurgent India.

Speaking about Goafest 2018, Nakul Chopra, President– Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) said, “When we started planning for Goafest 2018, our aim was to create a festival filled with knowledge, wisdom, entertainment, fun and which was also a great networking opportunity. The quality of the speakers, the valuable knowledge shared during the seminars, the networking opportunities across these last 3 days and presentation of Abbys that celebrate excellence in creativity is what makes Goafest such a unique experience. Goafest is a confluence of creative minds who gather here year on year to connect, communicate and celebrate the amount of hard work that each one of them is putting in to make media, marketing and advertising industries successful. I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of Goafest 2018 for their unrelenting support. And many congratulations to all our winners. You all deserve every bit of all the recognition that has been bestowed upon you by the industry.”

Discussing the Abby Awards to be handed out at Goafest 2018, Vikram Sakhuja, President – The Advertising Club said, “Goafest is a phenomenon that is close to the hearts of the entire media & creative fraternity. Months of hard work by the AAAI and The Advertising Club teams, the Abbys Master Jury, and encouragement from all of you present here has perspired into yet another stellar festival this year. In this 50th year of Abby Awards, we made crucial changes and rationalized categories which just made the Abbys even more coveted. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and also thank the jury for their meticulous and fair evaluation that makes Abby Awards the numero uno recognition of creative mastery in India.”

Ashish Bhasin, Chairman of Goafest 2018 & Vice President of Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI),said, “After witnessing the event over the last three days, I can proudly say we have achieved everything that we had set out to. Not only did we have best of the speakers coming forward to impart learnings to young ones, but we also saw ideas being exchanged and people truly enjoying themselves. Over the last three days, Goa has seen some of the most creative minds in India together at one place – meeting, interacting, engaging and celebrating ABBY wins with each other. This is what the true spirit of Goafest is all about. Everyone who is going home with metal from Goafest 2018 is truly deserving of victory, and I congratulate each and every one of them for their incredible wins. It is definitely truly deserved.”

Speaking about the Abbys Awards, Ajay Kakar, Vice President of The Advertising Club and Chairman– Awards Governing Council said, “As we come to the conclusion of Day 3 of Goafest 2018, I would love to take this opportunity to thank the industry stalwarts and youngsters who helped us co-create Abby Awards 2018, courtesy their inputs. A very big thank you also to the industry for sending in entries and their wholehearted participation in the fest this year. I would also like to salute Prasoon Joshi for his contribution to the world of advertising, communications, and films and for being a convergence point for mass India through his craft.”

With industry-specific conclaves to expert seminars and ABBYs presentations, the Goafest ABBYs 2018 presented by The Advertising Club and The AAA’ of I has once again set the benchmark high in celebrating excellence in creativity across media platforms and genres.

The Day 3 sessions ended on a high note as they marked the end of a yet another year of knowledge exchange. The enthusiasm level is going through the roof, and the audience gets ready for the Digital & Mobile, Digital Craft, National Geographic Green Award, Special Abby, Promotion/Activation, Radio Craft, Radio, Branded Content & Entertainment, Out of Home & Ambient Media, Still Content, Audio-Visual Content and Integrated Abbys.



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  1. I’m so ecstatic that I got a useful tip in here in how to connect more to customers as a seller. Indeed, stories and humanity are stellar roads to customer loyalty.

  2. Goafest day 3 the concluding day was another informative day with great personalities speaking on different great topics.I must say it definitely ended on a high and magnificent note.I hope you will be invited again for the next one.

  3. Wow,It came to an awesome end with more personalities still having resourceful sessions.I would have really benefited from all these sessions which I’m sure you did.I agree with you it ended in a very high note as you were all given and able to exchange knowledge.

  4. The mega advertising event Goafest 2018 witnessed the industry focus on business and there were interactions related to creativity and marketing. The main objective of Goafest 2018 is to have a festival which is full of entertainment, awareness, excitement and which allows a remarkable networking scope for all businesses.

  5. I think, more interaction through social media platform, it might increase your brand trust. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I know that it’s been a memorable experience and you meet a lot of excellent people. I wish more GoaFest to come for you!

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