Emirates A380 First Class Cabin Experience

Enjoyed the extraordinary moments in the Concorde Room and finally the time to fly at the first class of Emirates Airways A380. Emirates Airline – First Class of Glamor. In the front row seat of the total two-story Airbus A380, I went on vacation to Dubai via Vienna. The name of the suite was like a room like a private room, a drink in a confectionery sweet, a bar and the shower room too! When departing from Vienna the flight time was so short that I could not master all the functions. Thanks, Emirates for collaborating with #MacroTraveller for the business class upgrade and business class lounge access. 

 First Class and Business Class have exclusive counters. The pure red color is the logo color of Emirates. It seems that there are some new spring festivals. First class boarding passes are not fancy, and information such as boarding time, boarding gates, seat numbers, etc. are all marked in large size.

After boarding, you don’t have to look around for the rack, because there is a place to store the trolley in the corner of your suite; you can hang your coat in your own small closet. Then, the flight attendant will provide you with drinks, hot towels, and ask if you want to drink coffee and eat dates. The flight attendant will also give you a wash bag with Bulgari moisturizer and perfume. You can also ask your flight attendant for pajamas and slippers.  

Welcome drink provided before door closure is Moët & Chandon. Dom Pérignon comes out when you ask Champagne for meals. Towels, magazines, newspapers are available, ask if you would like to use a spa on the flight, and lastly, the menus and the wine list of in-flight meals will arrive. The menu is standard Western food, starter, appetizer, main course, salad, cheese, dessert, coffee, and you will be served together in the same way as eating in a Western restaurant. There are usually four or five main dishes, such as salmon, steak and so on. The wine list can also be costly, but I don’t drink alcohol and can’t comment on it. 

I love the orchid in my suite…a gentle touch that contrasted well with the gold and white color scheme. My seat was beautiful, a snack basket offered plenty of treats for the journey to Dubai, and the personal minibar was fully stocked. And another set of skincare products, it was great too. Power ports and USB ports were available. Best of all, however, was the individual air vent, which kept the suite cool during the flight.


If you want to watch a movie, you have a dedicated 20-inch screen, there are thousands of channels to choose from, of course, the program and economy class are the same. Noise-cancelling headphones were provided. If you are thirsty, there is a mini bar next to the seat, and drinks and mineral water are available. You can also let the flight attendant provide it to you at any time, or go to the special bar to have some coffee and some fruit.

If you want to sleep, the flight attendant will help you put your seat flat and put on a scorpion, quilt, and pillow. Although there is no ground to sleep well, it is like a bed. Of course, there is an incomparably spacious bathroom, no less than my home. Because there are fewer seats in the first class and a low attendance rate, you don’t have to line up. The coolest thing is of course to take a bath, but you need to make an appointment with the flight attendant in advance, and the bath time is limited to 5 minutes. The plane carries enough water for the 14 people in the first class. It seems that only the E380 of the Emirates is available in the world, but I have never used it because the first-class lounge in Dubai Airport also has a bathroom, which can be washed more comfortably.

Emirates First Class Dining: This flight featured an a la carte dining menu with both breakfast and lunch items. Upon boarding, I had a glass of sparkling water to start followed by Arabic coffee and a date. Dom Perignon’s champagne is available in unlimited quantities, as well as caviar. The fruit plate appetizer included sliced mango, orange, pineapple, blackberry, and strawberry. Fresh-squeezed orange juice as well. The main course featured a cheese omelet with hash browns and baked beans. I liked the beans and potatoes, but the omelet was excellent. The flight attendants are all kneeling down to talk to you, and meals can be ordered at any time.



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  1. I like all the photos uploaded with this article. I like the dishes, there are all very inviting. Yes, boarding a first-class cabin can be very interesting and enjoyable. I’m sure you had a very good experience.

  2. Well detailed experience of being on the first class cabin, which spells luxury. Money answereth all things. With the right amount we can enjoy all that a first class cabin have got to offer.

  3. Wow, looks like an arcade bar on air! The services and temperature sound great and the meals and champagne look very appetizing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It does sound really great to have flown in emirate airways airways a380 as a first class passenger. They really do have a lot to offer. Thanks for the information, it is really what a try.

  5. Oh my gosh the cabin looks amazing! I wish I could experience this type of cabin someday. I wonder how much it cost though? I think as long as you have fun, the price is all worth it. Thank you for blogging the experience!

  6. It is my greatest dream to be able to fly in a first class cabin. Service and amenities are really superb. It is an experience I would like to have at least once in this lifetime.

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