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MacroTraveller got upgraded by being one of the first people at the bag drop desk (I checked in online) and asking if there was any opportunity for an upgrade. Emirates accepted, thanks for collaborating with #MacroTraveller for the business class upgrade lounge access. Emirates inspires travellers around the world – as a global connector of people and places. It grants the comforts of the modern widebody aircraft, world-class service and an industry-leading flying experience on a growing network of worldwide destinations.

Emirates is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. Today I am taking a Business Class seat on the giant Airbus A380-800 aircraft at Emirates, the largest airline in the world.

Comfort in the Plane: By dividing all passengers into four gates, boarding is faster than other flights. I was lucky and was given a window seat at check-in. The seating in the plane is 3 – 4 – 3, but in the A380 of Emirates you have more legroom than in a Boeing. What I particularly like about Emirates is the cushions and blankets that are already in place with the headphones. This is not common with other airlines on long-haul flights. The headset set also contains stickers to communicate with the onboard crew. If you do not want to be awakened or necessarily woken up for the meal, you can stick it on the seat.

Entertainment: Of course, the entertainment program on board leaves nothing to be desired. It can be selected from a comprehensive program of 2000 channels from movies, TV shows, music channels, and playlists. There are both the latest blockbusters to choose from as well as real classics. I prefer to spend the time on board watching the current flight status to know which area we are flying over and how long the flight time is. Or I read a good book, so time flies by. Besides, all flights in the A380 have free wifi on board. At least in part, this works very well, but who needs a very high data volume or the High-Speed Internet, which must buy this.

Onboard Menu: For long-haul flights, it is fortunately still common to get a menu on board. At Emirates, of course, the food is of the highest quality and the service is very good. The drinks are all free except for champagne. On certain flights, of course, both breakfast and lunch are served, I only had dinner. Here we could choose between salmon and chicken curry, and both dishes tasted fantastic! There was also potato salad with turkey for starters, pastries, and snacks (crackers with bruschetta and cream cheese). The lemon cheesecake for dessert was delicious.

Seat Features: The side of the sneaky little bit of Emirates is trying to make a mini bar to drink a small bottle of water, fruit juice and a glass of water on the top with socks and eyes closed. The charging port is full of standard universal plugs, two USB charging ports and a noise cancelling headphone jack. Side table edge, the position of the seat adjust button. The seat is adjustable to this. This is the standard three buttons (Upright, Relax and Bed) with the scroll button near – far away.

The bathroom on the A380’s Emirates Business Class has four rooms. Each room is not equal. This room is probably the narrowest. I think that’s a little bit for the Business Class bathroom, but I see this. The facilities are also available. And I have not added. Like a toothbrush or perfume lotions, it belongs to all Bvlgari.

Onboard Lounge: It is considered more prominent than other airlines. This is what it is. At the end of the plane, this is the location of a bar with a seat at the Emirates called Onboard Lounge. If you are travelling, many of you will hang out at this zone, and you will be able to talk and yell without disturbing other passengers. I wanted to relax and chill. You may have new friends.

Emirates is one of the busiest airlines in the business class. I’ve flown with many airlines and already had some long-haul flights. However, a flight with Emirates makes even the economy class a lot more comfortable and bearable. Also, starting and landing is so quiet in comparison to much smaller planes that you hardly notice it. Of the Business and First class you, unfortunately, get nothing to see and the many separated areas in the plane and the size of this aircraft during the flight is not noticeable. The flight with the A380, however, is something special for frequent travellers, because this plane is just a little different than other planes.

Emirates is truly an excellent airline and guarantees that you will not have to compromise on comfort and good service even on long-haul flights in the Economy Class.

Have you ever had flight experience with Emirates? With which airline do you prefer to fly personally? Please do comment below!



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  1. I love all the beautiful photos,I really like the way you wrote this, Thanks for the vital information about the business class. it will be very useful to everyone.

  2. I’m yet to ever board a business class ticket but it was good to review this and let others know the comfortability of boarding with a business class ticket.

  3. Sounds like a great upgrade. I’m definitely down to travel with Emirates after reading this description. With all the leg room and on flight lounging and drinks, it would be hard to leave the plain! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Emirates has always been one of the best planes. It is because of their services, foods, and most of all luxury and convenience.

  5. It has been a while since I last rode an airplane. The place looks amazing especially the atmosphere they have set up. It looked like you had a lot of fun.

  6. Everything is very open with a precise description of the challenges.
    It was really informative. Your website is very useful.
    Thanks for sharing!

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