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Mega Adventure Park (MegaZip Park) is a theme park on Singapore · Sentosa Island which is like Tarzan, and you can play the zip line attracting attention from India. From the top of a hill surrounded by thick green, the zip line sliding through the wind towards the beach is a thrilling point. It is a sightseeing spot where you can enjoy not only children but also adults!

In Singapore’s first adventure park, challenge yourself with zip lines, wall climbing, and obstacles in the air. Let’s enjoy the following four fun attractions without queuing by using the combo pass which can preferentially enter: mega zip, mega jump, mega wall, mega climb.

What is Mega Adventure Park?

Mega Adventure Park is a vast theme park in the abundant nature of Singapore’s Sentosa Island, a favorite tourist spot where over 500,000 people visit each year! The most famous attraction “MEGA ZIP” is a zip line that runs from the hill of Inia to the Siloso beach at the maximum speed of 60 km/hour, which covers the entire length of 450 m. In addition, you can enjoy various activities in the lush jungle.

Necessary information: Opening hours: 11: 00 – 19: 00


Mega Adventure Park has two ways to reach, Siloso, and Imbiah Hillside. In the case of the Siloso Beach side, it is necessary to get the start point of the zip line and the top of the hill with other attractions to be picked up by a private buggy and wait for about one hour when crowded.

Siloso Beachside 

Walking: Get off at the Beach Station and follow the Siloso Beach Road (Siloso Beach Road) for about 800 m and you will be on your left.

Tram: Beach Station – Take the Siloso Beach tram which runs free between Siloso Beach and gets off at the 3 rd station, and you will be on your left.

From the hillside of Imbiah

Walk: Get off at Imbiah station and go up to “Imbiah Lookout” by escalator. From there proceed towards Imbiah Hill Road (Imbiah Hill Road) and follow the guide board, and you cross the bus stop with 4D AdventureLand you are on your left. (About 10 minutes on foot)

Activities available at Mega Adventure Park:


MegaZip combines adrenaline, speed, and fun to let you fly like an eagle! At 75 meters high, 450 meters long and heart-pounding speeds of 60kph, MegaZip is the first 3-wire zip line built to test friendships as you race your mates or family in an exhilarating, breathtaking adventure from the jungle canopy of Imbiah Hill to the white sands of Siloso Beach finish point.


Height restriction: Height above 120 cm. However, if you have more than 90 cm, you can ride with people over 150 cm OK.

Weight restriction: Weight of 30 kg or less, 140 kg or more is not possible.


MegaClimb is Singapore’s premier high ropes adventure course. 5 – 15 meters tall Eucalyptus trees create a formidable path in the jungle hilltops of Sentosa. The views are breathtaking, the thrills are endless, and the well-trained staff ensures that the experience is safe, efficient and highly addictive. The perfect environment to challenge yourself or your team.

Height restriction: Height above 120 cm.

Weight restriction: Weight of not more than 25 kg, not more than 120 kg.


Test yourself on this monster of a climbing wall! The 15-meter wall is one of the highest in Singapore, with three different routes to the top. Under the supervision of our climbing instructors, you will climb to the head while safety supported by the auto-belay system all the way. Find your route, reach the summit, and then lean back, relax, and abseil back down the MegaWall.

Height restriction: Nothing special.

Weight restriction: Weight of 30 kg or less, 120 kg or more is not possible.

Note: Megawall is temporarily closed for maintenance until further notice.


At the MegaJump leap point, the views are fantastic. Ocean, jungle, palms swaying in the breeze, white sand beaches and a 15-meter drop to the onlookers below! Custom-Made safety wire and harness developed in the UK and controlled with clockwork efficiency by our experienced staff is a first for Singapore and allows you to replicate a free fall parachute jump – without the plane ride!

Height restriction: Nothing special.

Weight restriction: Weight of not more than 25 kg, not more than 120 kg.


It is a popular trampoline attraction for children to jump up to the height of 8 m! In addition to connecting the body with a harness, the instructor constantly monitors, so there is no problem with safety. Let’s challenge the acrobatic movement! They can “bounce” up to 10 meters (33 ft) into the air.

Address: Mega Adventure Park

10A Siloso Beach Walk,

Singapore 099008

Telephone: +65 6722 3785



The online confirmation receipt is valid for redemption at Sentosa Ticketing Counters within three months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated.



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