Experience of Delhi’s Varq ‘Art On A Plate’ In Bangalore – At Masala Klub

The Taj has been a pioneer in highlighting the intricacies of authentic Indian cuisines and partnering age-old culinary techniques with the vanguard of global innovations. Taj Westend Bangalore continues the legacy with ‘Culinary Trails by Taj’– a unique dining concept that takes the signature flavors of the most loved Taj restaurants to different parts of the country.

Varq, the modern Indian restaurant from Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi, is hosting a pop-up in the city that will take diners on a unique journey of flavors. The tasting menu, neatly divided into vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, is all about bringing together Indian ingredients, playing around with them enough to create a slightly different flavor profile and yet not moving away from what we are familiar with.

My experience included the tasting of a specially curated menu that was paired with white and red wine, at an enchantingly laid out table in the charming environs of the restaurant. The menu promises a stylishly curated culinary immersion, authentic in taste and artistic in presentation.

Varq’s Special Menu!

Varq’s menu is a mélange of dishes curated from around the country and innovatively presented with novella techniques. For the Bengaluru leg, food enthusiasts can enjoy Varq’s classical yet contemporary offerings such as Nadru Aur Anjeer Ke koftey – lotus stem and fig dumpling. Kale Channe Ki Cappuccino – Cappuccino style accented black chickpea broth, Murg Sirka Pyaz – juicy chicken chunks fried in pickled onion and tomato gravy served in a melt in your mouth filo pastry, Crispy Kalakand – blueberry stuffed oven baked milk cakes and the Apple Kheer. Don’t miss the signature delicacy offering Martabaan Ka Meat, a meat curry with red pickled chilies cooked in a ceramic jar.

The delightful setting of the Masala Klub under the umbrella of a 120-year-old tamarind tree formed the sublime backdrop for this award-winning culinary treat only for four days, and MacroTraveller strongly recommends you head for your phones to make reservations before the seats run out.

This restaurant pop-up is part of the ‘Culinary Trails by Taj,’ a unique dining initiative by the hotel group which carries some of the most loved dishes from popular Taj restaurants to another part of the country, presenting diners an opportunity to savor the flavours without cross-country travel. Alongside, in the series, the iconic coastal favorite Karavalli from Bengaluru’s Gateway Hotel will move to The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, and so on – you get the drift.

Where: Masala Klub, The Taj Westend, 25 Race Course Road

When: July 12th – July 16th; Lunch – 12:30pm to 3pm | Dinner – 7:30pm to 11:45pm

Meal for two: Rs 4,000++

Reservations: +91 80 6660 5660



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