Experiencing Luge Ride, Sentosa in Singapore

Sentosa Island in Singapore offers many adventure activities and places to visit such as Universal Studios, S.E.A Aquarium, Cable Car etc. However, one thing that stands rest apart from other is Luge Ride. Luge a half go-kart and half toboggan vehicle are where one can zip through the trails of Sentosa island.

This adventure activity is for the people who like to travel fast, zip through lanes of the adventure park and perform a race with your friends. With over 2.6km of trail Luge Ride has 5 different versions of the trail such as  Dragon Trail, Jungle Trail, Kupu Kupu Trail Expedition Trail and Skyline Luge.

  • The Dragon Trail – With over 688meters track this luge experience is filled with hairpin curves, twists and bends. If you want an adventure track then this is one track which you should choose.
  • The Jungle Trail – This 628m long track has a good straight trail with not many twists and turns like The Dragon Trail, however, if you are a fan of speed then this is the place to be. Luge through the Jungle Trail looks like you are traversing across a thick jungle.
  • The Expedition Trail – Newest addition to the Trail is The Expedition Trail where it has some good hairpin curves, tunnels and slopes this gives the luge riders a sense of thrill as it passes through rain forests of Sentosa.
  • Kupu Kupu Trail – Meaning Butterfly in Malay, this trail is one of the most silent and peaceful with not many turns and twists like the rest of the trails. This is suitable for people who want to spend some quality time at the Luge without adventure or any other exhilarating experience.
  • Sky ride – This one is open ride towards the top of the hills where you can notice stunning views of Sentosa Island from above. This is a 4 person chair that gives you a sense of excitement when you are travelling and the best part is that this operates even at night giving you a delightful view of the South China Sea and the glitter of the night sky.

In addition to the above-mentioned luge rides, there is a special Night Luge at The Jungle Trail where they have bright LED Lights at the trail and looks exciting when traversing down this trail when the sunsets.

To go to the Luge Ride, there are two stations from Sentosa. One is Imbiah Lookout Center and Siloso Beach Entrance. Luge ride is open from 10:00 to 21:30 hrs with the last ride being 21:15hrs and ticket price range start from 11SGD. One Way costs 11SGDpp, Two Way costs 18SGDpp and Unlimited Rides costs 19SGD pp. There is combo available for both Luge and Skyline where tourists can choose as per their convenience.



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  1. Whoa that really looks like fun. Another addition to my to-do things in Singapore next time I go back there for a leisure trip.

  2. Wonderful adventure using the luge rides. The experience is sweet! Thanks for sharing. Sentosa has many Advent places!!

  3. This sounds like an epic amusement park for kids and adults alike. Each trail sounds insanely fun and worth trying.

  4. Experience they say is the best teacher. Experiencing Luge Ride, at Sentosa in Singapore will speak for me anytime I want to talk about my trip to Sentosa.

  5. Being there must be so fun! It looks like you enjoyed your trip in Singapore. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful trip!

  6. Is that what I think it is a luge race? No kidding I have seen these in streets. Although I believe that their version is a lot safer. I never knew that Singapore has this. Good find.

  7. This sounds already beautiful to engage, yes I love to travel very fast so the Luge Ride will just be perfect for me. This will really be fun for tourists.

  8. This is a ride of a lifetime to get everywhere as fast as to where expected as possible. Luge ride will be a good choice for people needing to get through to Sentosa.

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