Experiencing the hospitality of Amari Ocean Pattaya

Amari Ocean Pattaya has been one of the favorites of Pattaya’s luxury accommodation scene for years now. They have the blend of great terrains with beautifully manicured gardens and two swimming pools. We have the choice for four or five-star accommodation, and an exceptional service ensures that Amari is still one of the finest hotels in the city. Paradise for travelers and honeymooners offering personalized experience for all.

A True Luxury Hotel!

The location of Amari Ocean Hotel in Pattaya is fancied both by the leisure travelers and by the businesspeople. The inn is at the north end of the serene beach of Pattaya. Perfect for couples, who are on romantic getaway will all find the right type of accommodation and comforts. Honeymooners loves this place a lot.

Facilities and Services!

The lobby is gigantic with an abundance of seating arrangement. It is bright with natural light and is modern Thai style decorated, and it conveys elegant yet relax ambiance with live Thai classical music play every evening. The lobby lounge is on the left-hand side!

Amari Ocean Hotel is in the nucleus of a tropic garden in the northern region of the well-known Pattaya Bay. The Amari’s Hotel is one of the popular hotels in Pattaya, Thailand. The Hotel conveniences and services at Amari Ocean Hotel in Pattaya make for a luxurious stay. The twenty-four-hour reception is available for help. Hotel amenities and services at Amari Ocean Hotel in Pattaya combine caretakers and concierge for the convenience of the guests.

High-speed Internet connection, e-mail and secretarial are consolidated in the business services. These are the quintessential hotel amenities and services at Amari Ocean Hotel in Pattaya. Shopping mall within the hotel is fantastic.

Latest technology, contemporary setups, and first class service will make the Amari Ocean Pattaya the preferred venue for meeting and gathering organizers from around the world.

Eat & Drink!

There are two on-site restaurants within the Amari Ocean: Mantra and Tavern by the Sea. We can enjoy mouthwatering Asian and Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant modern setting. A quality of coffee, tea, bread (Colorful) and refreshments offered in the lounge bar. I enjoyed Mai Tai and Pinna Colada. It was fantastico.

Savored fresh honey directly from the source itself at Amari Ocean Pattaya! Extrinsic combinations from the menu, offer diners an emcee of sublime taste excitements. Highlights are tandoori, fresh and hot from the oven and sushi that is prepared as we watch at the sushi bar.

The Ocean Tavern is the place to go for a delightful breakfast buffet. Assisting food and beverages around the clock, this is also a perfect place to indulge for those late night snack raids!

Room and Accommodation!

I stayed in Deluxe Room! These luxuriously furnished in a modern Asian style with an ergonomically sketched work area. The use of red and white union makes the rooms remarkable and beautiful. These rooms are spacious and renovated to be more generous with dark brown wooden fixings and reflect new age contemporary Thai style.

Tea and coffee making conveniences along with daily fruit tray, complimentary water bottles, broadband internet as well as DVD player are accessible. The bathroom emphasizes a bathtub. Virtually all rooms have 45-degree sea facing view and Suite rooms provide an 180-degree view from the bedroom.


The hotel is beautiful and clean. The room was surprisingly very spacious and clean and have a small balcony. The pool and garden area is colossal and offers lots of settled places to relax if you want to be by yourself, a high bar in the basin and fantastic pool service. The gardens are a refreshing area to walk around. Our room comforts (i.e. night stand remote control for lights, temperature) were beyond what we anticipated for the price point. I would positively recommend this to anyone visiting Pattaya.



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  1. The temples though is amazing. I do not know if that is still a part of the resort but if it is then it will be awesome. Congrats.

  2. I think it’s amazing that the Deluxe room you stayed in comes with a functional work area to make sure that people travelling on business don’t have to go outside and find somewhere else just to do their work. Apart from the convenience offered, the food looks delicious too.

  3. I am happy that you have enjoyed your stay at the hotel. The view is wonderful in Pattaya and the weather is warm, a great weather to swim in the beach or pool.

  4. Luxurious, as you said… that’s definitely the best word to define this! Everything is absolutely magnificent. Congrats on your photos, they are really amazing.

  5. Looking at your post just got me hungry. Man, they all look so oh so tasty! Would you recommend Pattaya and Amari Ocean Pattaya as a foodie destination?

  6. Amari ocean Party’s is a very beautiful and attractive hotel,it truly a Paradise for travellers and honeymooners.I love the ambience and all its has to offer.

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