Fantastic Staycation at Marriott Bengaluru

Marriott is meant for today’s traveler who is looking for an honest and uncomplicated hotel experience with a particular focus on productivity. Placed next to Inorbit Mall and Sri Sathya Sai Super Specialty Hospital, the 5-star Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield offers modern and luxurious guestrooms. Superior hotel equipped with all amenities that you would expect out of a top-tier property.

Incredible Rooms of Marriott!The rooms are exquisitely furnished and maintained, and rooms were very spacious with luxurious mattresses. When I went to my room upon arrival, I found a welcome note with MacroTraveller logo waiting for me in the room. It’s a grand gesture from the team. Overall, well laid out and functional rooms! Colossal window to look out/let light in. Work Desk made of the glass top. Comfy bed and very spacious bathroom with a bathtub. The rooms on the higher floor have a great view. The WiFi speed was great which helped me to work from the hotel. Thanks to housekeeping team for making my room comfort and excellence. Not to forget about dining room service this is truly helpful.

Amenities at Marriott!

The Marriott hotel offers modern style, and working leisure converged with exceptional results – large, deluxe pillow-top mattresses, LED TVs, comfortable rooms connected with high-speed Internet access, 24-hour room service, premium bath products, many conference rooms and a range of planning services. The fitness center has all the equipment you need. The pool is capacious and perfect for the local weather. The fitness and spa facilities were top notch, with personal trainers available.

Superb and Marvelous Food! MacroTraveller credits Marriott for its high standard, as always. The service, the food was exceptional. Whitefield Grill and Bar is one of those best ones I have visited recently. I had lunch here, and I enjoy the grill food, and this place proves the actual taste. Both occupying near or away from pool areas are well crafted with superb ambiance! Lunch, dinner, and breakfast had enough variety to keep my taste buds excited. I had a delicious Dinner at the Whitfield Bar and Grill, I enjoyed the food, and the service was beautiful as it was throughout the hotel. The Whitefield Bar and Grill welcomed MacroTraveller with the toasted buns and minted the chutney! The chutney was mind-blowing. I would suggest seeing these platters so that you get a glimpse of all the tandoor. It’s yummy and healthy at the same time. If you stay at the Marriott in Whitefield, eat here. Definitely worth a visit!

I had breakfast M Cafe – It’s modern, warm, vibrant, welcoming and the center of activity at the Marriott hotel. Breakfast experience was marvelous with a wide variety of food choices, and from chilled fresh juice, cereals and fruit to freshly prepared and cooked meals both eastern and western types. Fantastic ambiance and always feels like home. It’s evermore nostalgic for me to back again and again.

Marriott SPA!

The spa is a great place to relax and unwind. MacroTraveller also tried the spa, and it was perfect! The massage spa was beautiful and a high standard if you like that kind of thing to unwind. The spa is excellent – you can use the hot tub, steam, and sauna at any time. I had a massage, and it was an attractive price and high quality. MacroTraveller was treated very friendly, and massages were high-grade.

Thanks a lot to the Marriott team for your care and hospitality. I recommend everyone to stay and enjoy their food. MacroTraveller would highly recommend this hotel for business trips! MacroTraveller loves to visit you all again and again!


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  1. A picture says a thousand words. Here you gave us several pictures. The marriot is certainly a five star hotel. It is certainly luxurious.

  2. i always love article full of images, it always make it more interesting. and you captured the beauty of the place and make us crave for the delicious food. ?

  3. Wow heaven on earth. Such ambiance and mouth watering food who wouldnt want to yearn for more. I would surely love the experience..need to put this on my bucket list.

  4. Where is this exactly? Sri Langka? Anyway if I have a staycation at a place like this I will surely have a great time.

  5. This 5-star Bengaluru Marriot hotel is a must stay in,with all the beautiful rooms and well equipped amenities to its yummy foods,this will give one his or her money worth.I love the luxurious rooms and dedicated staff.

  6. Marriott Hotels never fails to satisfied me. We had a staycation in a Marriott Hotel last year and we had a blast! The staff are very courteous and the food, the food is memorable.

  7. This is a cool place to take a vacation in,Bengaluru Marriott hotel is worth all the price with its luxurious guest rooms and well equipped amenities, guests will be having an amazing time.

  8. I find it really nice that they had a personalized welcome note! This shows a very caring staff. And this mattress looks so comfy, I’m sure the experience was really amazing!

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