Father& Child Experiences on Father’s Day | MacroTraveller’s Top 15 Tips

Before starting this blog post, I wish you a Very Happy Father’s Day to our readers. I have collected my top father-son experiences for you. Now honestly? How much time do you spend with your daddy? After the departure from home, the common time is limited to one or the other lunch or a weekend at home. But do not take the time for you both for a common father-son-day.

The time goes for studying, job, friends, hobbies and your partner. I pity you all because you used to spend so much time together, but now. So get inspired by my tips and experience father’s son adventure.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 1: Drag Kites!

With this experience, you only turn back the time. Do you still remember how you used to look out of the window in the autumn when the hoped-for strong wind blows? And when it was finally time, the parents got you in the car, and you went out to the next field. Even ten or even twenty years later, kite flying is still a lot of fun, promised! It requires teamwork, and the wind does not just move the dragon around but also blows all the everyday problems for an hour.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 2: Escape Room!

Sounds risky, but it is not. With this father-son experience, you have to solve various puzzling puzzles together with Dad to flee from a place. Here you can once again prove what a great team you are.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 3: Give it a good start!

Whether in the quad or Ferrari this father-son experience guarantees a lot of fun. If your dad loves strong motors and speed, you can give him an immense joy with a fast-paced father-son-day.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 4: Cooking!

Who says father and son cannot have fun in the “kitchen”? If you both like to eat meat and the weekly barbecue evening in the summer, you will love this experience. And if you prefer to forgo meat, you can convince your dad in a vegetarian or vegan cooking course that the meatless kitchen can be delicious.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 5: GOLFING together!

It may sound like a bit sparse, but a lot of fun together. This father-son experience offers everything: an exercise in the fresh air, sufficient time to entertain you and fun when you are swimming with the golf caddy over the green.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 6: Live sports experience

Whether an IPL or any Football Match – a live sporting experience is always something special. Enjoy the crowds around you, the tension in the air and your stars an unforgettable father-son experience.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 7: Bring beer together!

You and your dad are both real beer fans? Then this father’s son experience is exactly the right thing: A beer brewer’s. You will learn all about the best drink in the world. And so that no one has to drive afterward, you can also make a relaxed and refreshing short trip from it.

Father-Son Experiences 8: Sports and celebrating success together!

MacroTraveller Tip: Train with your father or your son’s son for a marathon or a part-track for non-performance athletes. If you sprint together through the finish line, the feelings of happiness will hardly be braked. You remember your father-son experience all your life.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 9: Build something together!

Like the joint success in the sport, a jointly created work also works together. From the birdhouse to the Dog Lodge everything is possible. Or how about an igloo? If you have already used Papa Sandburg, you will be able to enjoy a handy father-son day.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 10: A Father-Son Road trip!

With this experience, you will be guaranteed to laugh together, to travel and to argue, to discover unknown places and to feel completely free. Beautiful and challenging moments together, this is part of a father-son relationship.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 11: “Like the Father, the Son” – Photoshooting!

Our tip for a sweet experience for fathers and their young offspring: Father and son dress identically and pose the same. This also works great with three generations: grandpa, son, and a grandchild. The result will create a lot of laughter years later and by the way is also a super gift for the mama.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 12: Speedboat!

Attention, this father-son adventure to water is not for sea-sick! With up to 110 km / h, you will ride together with your daddy over the water. With this speed noise, one can even share the breath. The last Adrenaline kick guaranteed with this unforgettable water adventure.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 13: Canyoning!

And in the water element, our father-son adventure number 13 continues. Climbing down cliffs, rappelling at waterfalls and swimming through canyons – in a canyoning tour together, you have to overcome your fears and prove your courage.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 14: Papa’s Favorites!

Have you ever seen your Dad’s favorite movies when he was your age? How about a joint film evening, where you show your favorite films to each other. This father-son evening is not only super entertaining, and you can even learn a lot about each other.

Father-Son Experiences Tip 15: Take off in the flight simulator!

To fly a plane or helicopter is just a dream for many. In the flight simulator, you can make this dream come true with your dad. Under professional guidance, you will get to know the necessary instruments and buttons in the cockpit and independently control the machine. A unique father-son experience.

For which fun, fast, the sporty or adventurous experience you decide. #MacroTraveller wishes you an unforgettable father-son-day.





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